5 Must-Have Accents to Create a Coastal Look at Home

At Cailini Coastal we focus on home accents.  We’re purveyors of those finishing touches that can transform your house into a home.  Accents are a key element to your home, but since you can’t decorate your house with accents alone I thought we should chat furniture. 

I personally love finding furnishings that are unique and that you won’t find all over Instagram…ahem, the Riviera dining chairs/barstools (I don’t even need to say where from because I am sure you all know the ones I’m talking about) that I foolishly purchased that everyone on IG seems to also own!  It seems the more popular an online retailer becomes the less special their pieces are, so I tend to shop local boutiques and design stores for that one-of-a-kind find. That said, I do have a few online stores that offer these special finds and I’m going to share my five favorites with you:

Sisal, jute or seagrass rugs all ooze coastal vibes.  Depending on the weave and style, these versatile rugs be use in a formal or casual space. 

Credit: redecorationroom.com


I have shells and coral styled throughout our entire home. I like to style coral and large shells on shelves, coffee tables and end tables.   Smaller shells are beautiful used as filler in decorative bowls, clear vases, compotes, or bell jars. While real coral is more costly and can be harder to find, the look of can’t be compared to artificial ones.   If you do purchase real coral, do your research to make sure you’re using a vendor (like Cailini Coastal) who is responsible in their collecting methods and maintain the ecological integrity of source habitats and sustainable yield of target species populations.

Credit: Gardenhomeandparty.com


Blue and white ginger and temple jars are hugely popular on the east coast, especially in the Hamptons and Palm Beach, and they’re becoming more of a thing on the West Coast too.   While they’re from China, these gorgeous ceramics have come to embody elegant coastal style. Ginger and temple jars style beautifully with corals and shells.

Credit: Pinterest


I was reluctant to include this because I am a mom to two toddlers and a dog…therefore, I know how challenging having a white couch can be, but I couldn’t omit it because it’s so quintessential coastal. A white couch, specifically a white, slipcovered couch, is a must for every coastal home. I like pairing fun patterned, colorful pillows and a chunky throw to add color and texture.  

If you are a fellow mom, or pet owner, or both, look for performance fabrics that hold up better.  Crypton and Sunbrella fabrics are a great option. While they’re more expensive, they repel stains and are fade resistant.  If you’re willing to invest a bit in your couch, Rachel Ashwell’s slipcovered white couches are pure coastal perfection!

Credit: Waterleaf Interiors


Faux or live (I always prefer live), every coastal home should have at least one palm plant.  I like to use paradise palms and areca palms. If you opt for a live plant, ask whoever you’re purchasing from about proper care (lesson learned from someone who does not have a green thumb)…although generally they’re pretty low maintenance, which is another reason I love using them. 

Credit: MyDomaine.com

I hope this inspires you and helps give you a sense of what pieces are most essential in creating the coastal retreat of your dreams.

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