5 Ways to Perfectly Style Blue & White Ginger Jars

Ginger and temple jars are one of my favorite things to collect.  I own nearly 30 of them and they’re all over our home. One of the reasons I love them, aside from their obvious beauty, is because I find them to be so versatile in terms of styling.  They make great vases for florals of any color, they work in every season of the year, and in every room of the home (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.). 

Here are five of my favorite ways to style ginger and temple jars in the home.


A lot of people get stuck with how to style their kitchen center island and ginger and temple jars are a perfect accent to fill this space.  There are two ways I like to arrange them on an island. The first is to group three medium sized jars in a variety of shapes and patterns together and place on a circular tray, pedestal or oversize charcuterie board to ground them.  The second is to use just one extra-large jar (18”H – 21”H) centered on the island and filled with tall greenery or branches. During the spring and summer I love to use cherry blossoms.  During winter months, I like to fill with holly berry stems or magnolia branches.
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You can make one heck of an entrance using ginger jars in your entryway.  Try clustering a variety of jars together.  I recommend using between three and seven jars depending on the size of your entry table and the scale of the entryway.  I find ginger jars look best styled in odd numbered groups (3, 5, 7, etc.). Use the height of your entryway ceilings to help gauge the height of your jars.  So, if you have a two-story ceiling use taller jars to help fill the space.

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If you’re hosting guests at home bring out your ginger and temple jars and use them on the table as décor.   You can use one large jar filled with florals as a statement centerpiece or  medium and small sized jars to fill the entire length of the table. Pairing ginger jars with citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and kumquats make a gorgeous spread for summer soirees.  During the holiday season, I like to style them with silver and gold china and linens.

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Most of my ginger and temple jars live in a cabinet or on shelves.  I have one large cabinet that showcases half of my collection. It’s a statement, but it’s pretty beautiful.  I’ve sprinkled in coral, photo frames and blue-colored books to style with the jars. On shelves, you can use your jars as book ends or stacked on top of a few books.  Just vary the way you use them so it’s more visually interesting.  

If you have glass cabinets in your kitchen, ginger and temple jars are a great accessory to use.  In addition to looking pretty, you don’t have to worry about constantly reorganizing them as you would glassware or dishes you regularly use.

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The final way I like to style my ginger and temple jars is in front of a fireplace or on a mantel.   For the mantel small to medium sized jars work best, whereas larger statement pieces are best suited for the floor in front of the fireplace.  I personally love the look of two matching jars flanked, but contrasting jars work just as well.

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I’d love to hear how you style your ginger jars! Leave us a message in the comments below or DM us @CailniCoastal.

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