My 5 Favorite Online Shops for Furniture

At Cailini Coastal we focus on home accents.  We’re purveyors of those finishing touches that can transform your house into a home.  Accents are a key element to your home, but since you can’t decorate your house with accents alone I thought we should chat furniture. 

I personally love finding furnishings that are unique and that you won’t find all over Instagram…ahem, the Riviera dining chairs/barstools (I don’t even need to say where from because I am sure you all know the ones I’m talking about) that I foolishly purchased that everyone on IG seems to also own!  It seems the more popular an online retailer becomes the less special their pieces are, so I tend to shop local boutiques and design stores for that one-of-a-kind find. That said, I do have a few online stores that offer these special finds and I’m going to share my five favorites with you:


Known for their restored vintage pieces and bespoke CEH label, this amazing brand offers furniture that is about as one-of-a-kind as you can get.  The offer everything from dressers and end tables to bathroom vanities and almost everything is customizable to make it feel extra special.

Credit: The CEH
Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic:
Rachel Ashwell is well-known in the LA area because she has a flagship store in Santa Monica.  She essentially created the term “shabby chic” in the world of design. My picks from Rachel are her upholstered pieces – specifically couches and chairs.  Her slipcovered couches and chairs are the dreamiest, most relaxed coastal look you can find!  They’re wonderful quality. Pricey pieces, so be sure to watch for their bi-annual fabric sale as you can save quite a bit.

Credit: Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic

The Beautiful Bed Co.
A designer friend of mine introduced me to this amazing brand.  Going back to what I said about not wanting to see something I have all over Instagram…I feel like that is particularly challenging with beds.  It seems like everyone has the same 2-4 style of beds in 2020. Welcome Beautiful Bed Co!  In addition to their gorgeous and unique custom, made-to-order beds, they offer every piece of furniture you need for your bedroom.

Credit: Beautiful Bed Co.

RH Baby & Child

I realize Restoration Hardware is about as mainstream as it comes for home furnishings; but less people are familiar with the gem that is their Baby & Child store.  In terms of nursery décor, I think their Baby & Child furniture is the most beautiful out there (especially for little girls’ rooms – oh my gosh!).   Here’s a secret, I shop RH Baby & Child for not only my kid’s rooms. What I love about their pieces is that they don’t scream child…you can absolutely use a bed  or dresser in a guest room and their rocking/swivel chairs are so comfortable and can easily be used in a family room. If you’re spending $1K or more, sign up for the annual membership which saves you 20% on every purchase for up to one year.  It’s only $100 for the membership, so it will almost always pay for itself if you’re buying just one piece of furniture.

Credit: RH Baby & Child


Kathy Kuo Home

Kathy is an interior designer who wanted to make designer-loved furniture brands available to consumers online and that’s exactly what she does with her eponymous site.  Her shop allows you to access many of the brands designers use in their projects.  Some of the brands we love most on the site are Palecek and Kismet Coastal.

Credit: Kathy Kou Home

I’d love to hear where you like to shop for home furnishings! Leave us a message in the comments below or DM us @CailniCoastal any stores you love for unique and special furnishings. 

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