Behind the Brand: Dana Gibson

We're excited to introduce our newest brand to the Cailíní Coastal family...welcome, Dana Gibson!

Known for offering colorful home decor, Dana Gibson has spent over 20 years crafting her collection to bring bold and unexpected pieces into your home.  She specializes in working with sheet metal and cast metal giving her pieces a different hand feel than your traditional porcelain, wood, or plaster.

Every piece in this collection is hand painted and one-of-a-kind.  Finished with a topcoat to give them a durable yet stunning look.  From trays and bowls to picture frames and lighting, we're excited to bring these unique artisanal pieces to you!

Credit: Molly Rose Photography


CC: Tell us a bit about your brand and how you got started.

DG: I'm known for offering colorful products for the home. We are a lifestyle brand with products that range from lighting to fabric to stationery and home décor. I began my business over 20 years ago, sculpting clay in my basement and not too soon after selling to stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bendels. My designs are meant to lighten the mood and add drama and character. Many of the themes I explored in my early days - pastoral scenes, animals and florals and graphic prints - are present in my work now. Its all about enjoying life at home with the people you love in a setting that’s both serene and interesting.

Credit: Dana Gibson


CC: One of the first things that caught our eye about your product is your playful use of pattern and color. What inspires you to create such bold pieces?
 DG: I love bold design, the unexpected. I love to see an artist or designer pair what may seem like completely dissimilar things and the union is a success. There is a lot of safe design out there. Bare white rooms and soaring white ceilings. There is not as much risk taking in the interior design world as there could be. It has been fun to push the boundaries just a bit and offer something a little more unique to the consumer. People stay away from color because it opens up a can of worms. Will this shade of blue match that shade? Do these two colors clash? Color is a mood booster and gets your adrenaline going. It reminds us we are alive! So color and humor are ingredients required when putting a room together. Dull and boring is not for me. But I also advise restraint and some planning because the worst result is a room that jars the senses. Harmony and balance are key. Be measured but take risks.
Credit: Molly Rose Photography


CC: Your pieces are very unique in construction and finish as most items are made from tole, also known as tinplate, and many are hand painted. Tell us more about what led you to use such unique materials and techniques.
DG: Toleware has been around for a couple of centuries in America. Think soot black trays with stylized florals. It was brought over by the colonists and is rooted in European design. Modern tole is often more brightly colored, always hand painted and lacquered for a shiny finish. I start with classic shapes and reinvent them with pattern and color. My home accessory line is hand painted in India using a stencil process. The items are dipped in galvanizing solution to prevent rust so they are fine when caught in an ocean breeze. The patterns are not too intricate however the painting can take up to two hours to cover a single piece. Every effort is made to present an attractive, vibrant product and the items do show the mark of the artisan as each piece is hand forged and hand painted.
Credit: Molly Rose Photography
CC: For readers who have a hard time finding a place for pattern in their home, do you have any recommendations for how to start working in pops of pattern and color with your pieces?
DG: Using pattern in rooms is a great start to make your home more interesting. My patterns tend to be easy to “place”. I offer several scales to complement other patterns, either floral or graphic. I would recommend pairing small scale with large scale. Be sure at least one color unifies the two pieces. Pattern is like art in the room. It adds personality and reflects who you are.
Credit: Molly Rose Photography

CC: What are your 3 favorite pieces from the collection available at Cailini Coastal?

The Sultan Bowl. I love this shallow accent for a coffee table or bookshelf.  The scroll design with a subtle  Asian motifs is an update on classic blue and white decor.  It is dry food safe and has a durable surface.

The Canton Blue Serving Tray is a wonderful accent piece, whether it’s on a bar with decanters and liqueur bottles, or layered on a coffee table with books and other objets. It is extremely charming.

The Navy Stripe Wastebasket is fresh, clean and nautical. You can’t go wrong with a room that also reads fresh and summery. 

Shop below to see all of the full collection of beautiful Dana Gibson pieces on Cailíní Coastal.



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