Cailíní Coastal (pronounced CAH-lean-ee) means “coastal girls” in Irish, an homage to our founder’s two young daughters and their families’ heritage.

Meg Young started Cailíní Coastal for customers like herself, those who wanted to create a beautiful home without having to invest in a house full of expensive furniture. That’s where home accents come in, the finishing touches that make a room feel complete and turn a house into a home. We’re purveyors of those finishing touches and believe that any space can be transformed with the right accents. Swap them out seasonally or whenever you want to change the look and feel of a room—a few new pieces can have a major impact, without having a major impact on your wallet. From accessories to throw pillows and wall art, Cailíní Coastal offers exceptional, one-of-a kind, coastal-inspired décor. Curating a selection of high-quality items is our priority, and we diligently source only the best pieces that we would want in our own home. We strive to source unique and rare items that you won’t find elsewhere. Everything hearkens back to our distinct all-American coastal design style, which blends the timeless elegance of the East Coast with the laid-back aesthetic of the California Coast. Shop our curated selection of beautifully made, unique accents and bring a touch of coastal living into your home.

Purposeful Giving
Giving back is a key pillar of the Cailíní Coastal brand and a core personal value. At Cailíní Coastal, we love helping our customers turn their homes into beautiful retreats for their families. We care deeply about those families…as well as those families currently trying and hoping to secure the basic human need of simply having a place to call home. That’s why Cailíní Coastal has partnered with Family Promise – a national non-profit that helps low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.
For more information, please visit the Cause page.