Ginger & Temple Jars

With elegant, curved shapes and stunning finishes, ginger jars and temple jars add a sophisticated touch to any room. This collection of beautiful jars and vases at Cailini Coastal has been curated with a timeless coastal style in mind. These jars feature traditional blue and white designs that add a serene touch to your space. In addition to functioning as home décor staples, they can also be used for a variety of functional purposes. Learn more about the tradition of temple and ginger jar vases and browse the full collection to find the best fit for your home.

Beautiful Decorative Jars

Ginger jars and temple jars have been around for centuries. Ginger jars were originally utilized to store things like herbs and spices, while temple jars were once put on display in Buddhist temples. Today, they are most commonly featured as stylish pieces of home decor. However, that doesn't mean that the quality has diminished. Many of the blue and white ginger jars featured in our collection are made with a special porcelain clay from the region in China where ceramics and porcelain originated thousands of years ago. This creates a more authentic look and feel while adding a luxurious touch to this decorative accent.

Coastal Jars and Vases

The temple and ginger jars for sale at Cailini Coastal have a distinctive coastal look thanks to the beautiful color palettes. In addition to traditional white and blue ginger jars, you can also find soft red or pink ginger jars with a distinctive look. Large temple jars can be used as purely decorative pieces, or you can use them for discreet storage or as vases for real or faux floral arrangements and greenery.