Ginger & Temple Jars

The temple jar received its name from adorning Buddhist temples until it evolved to be storage in historic Indian homes. Ginger jars are also lidded containers with a similarly long-standing legacy originating in the Qin Dynasty of China. Both have become classic décor pieces today.

Decorative Ginger and Temple Jar Collection

Like the different tones of the sea, the several shades of blue in our temple and ginger jar designs will elevate your coastal home décor. Mother of pearl jars offer an opalescent white that blends with any aesthetic. These hand-shaped and -painted pieces are crafted from a distinctive porcelain clay sourced from the region in China where ceramics and porcelain found their start.

If you're searching for the perfect porcelain piece, choose one of these decorative accents or browse our curated greenery and planter selection.

Timeless Décor, Community Values

Feel good about your new ginger or temple jars, because Cailíní Coastal has partnered with nonprofit Family Promise to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence. Having a place to call home is a basic human need, and your purchase allows us to contribute to the fight against homelessness.