Benches, Stools & Ottomans

When considering furniture for the living room, bedroom or other key areas of the home, it's natural to focus on the big pieces: sofas, bed frames, etc. However, smaller furniture accents can really add a lot of character, texture and personality to a space. Our stylish benches, stools and ottomans at Cailini Coastal offer sophisticated and chic options for adding more seating, a comfortable footrest or just a functional accent to your home .

Choose from a range of styles consistent with our signature coastal-inspired aesthetic. You'll find natural materials like braided rope, seagrass, solid wood and rattan, all of which exude an effortless warmth and elegance. Our ottomans, benches and stools come in subtle, calming colors, which evoke a relaxed West Coast feel with a touch of East Coast timelessness. Discover unique furniture pieces for your living room, entryway, kitchen and more.