Tissue Boxes & Waste Baskets

Our quintessential accents inspired by the sea feature woven rattan tissue box covers, sea-inspired trash bins and other functional décor pieces that are made to enhance your everyday routines. Find just what you need for your seaside sanctuary here.

Elevate Your Box of Tissues and Waste Baskets

The little details can really transform a home, and dressing up your tissue boxes or choosing beautifully crafted decorative waste bins can truly improve any room. Browse our collection of premium tissue holder boxes and trash baskets in a variety of coastal designs that are sure to elevate your ever-changing home décor.

If you want a softer appearance than the blocky tissue box shape, the ceramic Seacrest cover has sloped edges and a subtle sea urchin design that's ideal for your coastal bathroom. Our waste bins that resemble coastal baskets or feature natural seashells will help you create a coordinated look. There are even trays, bowls and boxes for you to create a decorative set of your own with an exceptional touch that's true to you.