Wallpaper Swatches

When you simply can't decide based on photos of our coastal wallpaper, our swatches are here to help. Choose your favorite styles with these interior wallpaper samples and see them in your home. Take a look at these exclusive offerings in any lighting and among your current home décor.

Discover Wallpaper Samples Online

With watercolor aesthetics and refined designs inspired by the coast, you'll want to consider your options. Order wallpaper design samples in an 8" x 10" size to choose the ideal styles for your home. Whether it's a one-room redesign or a whole-house renovation, placing a smaller order first ensures you achieve the look of your dreams.

Picture these as accent wall, entryway or dining room wallpaper patterns - or in any interior space that you please. Our dark and light blue watercolor wallpaper swatches are among the most popular, as they're inspired by the tones of the sea. Pink and green luxury wallpaper samples incorporate shades of sunsets and seaside plant life, bringing more of the coast into your home.