Candles & Holders

Our coastal candle holders for tapered, jar and votive candles give you the ideal decorative accent that pulls a tablescape together. Look for woven lattice pieces for a relaxed atmosphere or choose elegant glass for luxurious settings. Wave after wave of our unique candles and helpful accessories means you can complete the seaside aesthetic you've dreamed of.

Coastal Candle, Holder and Accessory Collection

As functional décor, candle holders present an opportunity to freshen up any spaces in your home with several kinds of candles. Tapered designs come in pairs with our calming coastal palette and 12- or 18-inch options. Choose from two shades of blue like the different tones of the sea, a vibrant sea green or a soothing shell pink for our drip-free tapered candles.

For those of us who love votive and jar candles, we offer those in citronella as well as sea-inspired aromas like sea salt and orchid. Pick a timeless nautical candle holder to bring a maritime aesthetic to your candles. Our woven hurricane holders come in several sizes, accommodating more candle types for candlelit dinners or mantel décor.

These hurricanes are versatile enough to be used as coastal pillar candle holders for the standard width of these iconic candles. Choose a more distinctive piece with our tropically fragranced 10-wick candle bowls.

Enhance your experience with convenient accessories like our candle helper for tapered styles and sophisticated match cloches.