Bar & Counter Stools

From counter to barstool heights, our seating options offer coastal elegance, quality and style. Our furniture pieces are made to grow with your ever-changing space and are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers in our timeless aesthetic.

Coastal Stools: Bar and Counter Height

Before you shop for counter and barstools, you'll need to know the height you're looking for. Barstools are traditionally four to six inches taller than counter stools, so having measurements on hand will make your shopping experience easier.

Complement your coastal aesthetic with our bamboo counter stools, crafted from classic materials such as lacquered mahogany or limed oak. Showcase the elegance of your sea-inspired home by choosing coastal barstools with backs as your comfortable seating. Perfect for shorter kitchen islands, our coastal counter-height stools are built with natural elements like rattan and wicker that remind you of the shore. Woven designs and slipcover stools elevate our seating with a sophisticated air that still feels relaxed. Find luxurious coastal counter stools with backs or cushions as well as our premium barstools, and get decorative pieces that give your space a polished look with our tabletop and décor collection.