Sea Fans

The serene beauty of coastal living can take its place on your own walls with this stunning collection of sea fan art at Cailini Coastal. Each of these beautiful natural sea fans has been beautifully displayed as a piece of coastal wall décor. With this framed sea fan wall art, you can add a pop of color to any space, including bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. In addition to our elegant sea fan coral art, you'll also discover framed seashells and starfish to enhance a beach-inspired aesthetic. Learn more about sea fans and the care that goes into making each unique piece of art.

Natural Sea Life Beauty

Sea fans are soft corals that are found in warm ocean waters. As the name suggests, they have a fan-like structure with leafy pieces. These elements are layered in our framed sea fan art to create beautiful home décor accents. The organic shapes bring to mind the majesty of the ocean and add nautical charm to your walls. Each authentic sea fan coral is painted by hand using a color from a sea-inspired palette. Then, it is mounted on a lovely linen backdrop inside an elegant, classic frame. Because these are natural sea fans, every piece is one of a kind.

Create a Coastal Aesthetic

These pieces from our collection of coastal framed art are ideal for setting the right tone in your space. The soft colors and natural sea life instantly bring to mind the feel of coastal living, even if your home isn't situated near the shore. In addition to our sea fans, you'll find framed seashell art, starfish art and seaweed art. Mix and match these pieces to create a coordinated look throughout your home.