Decorative Pillows & Throws


Layers of textures and colors are an essential part of what makes a space feel cozy and inviting. If you want a room to feel more comfortable and stylish, choose from our selection of decorative pillows and throw blankets at Cailini Coastal. With a wide range of beautiful patterns and tones, it's easy to find coastal-inspired accents that suit your home's existing décor. With just a few well-placed pillows and throws, you can transform a space from feeling bare or boring into one that feels like a warm hug.

Browse the complete collection of throw pillows and blankets to view our unique coastal-inspired aesthetic. We've curated decorative accents that blend the airy simplicity of the West Coast with the timeless elegance of the East Coast. The result is a blend of traditional patterns, contemporary detailing and soft, soothing colors.