Greenery & Stems

Our lifelike artificial plants can bring the coast into your everyday life at home with lush topiaries, gentle seaside florals and more to display in our classic planters and vases. Choose the ideal pieces to pull your spaces together with a timeless aesthetic inspired by the East and West Coasts.

Our Faux Plants and Decorative Pots

While being artificial in the traditional sense, the topiaries in our thoughtfully curated collection of faux greenery are crafted from real, preserved English boxwoods. Our commitment to authentic appearances is also present in the charm of our realistic faux flowers. Enjoy the soothing beauty of low-maintenance faux orchids, cherry blossoms, peonies and other greenery for planters with our artfully designed products. Our artificial leaves even come with a wired stem, allowing you to pose them naturally for the container they'll be kept in.

Coordinate with the existing interior décor of your home with planters that evoke the elegance of ginger and temple jars or more relaxed coastal looks. Our oversized styles can hold your taller potted plants or those with larger root systems. Get exactly what you need in the classic seaside aesthetic that complements your unique home, thanks to our high-quality pieces that will always look striking in your ever-changing interior.

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