Picture Frames


Put treasured memories on display with stylish coastal picture frames. Our collection at Cailini Coastal includes a variety of sizes and styles to suit any luxury seaside aesthetic. These beach picture frames ensure that images of your loved ones and special moments can be beautifully incorporated into your home décor. Browse the full selection to find the best coastal frames for your space.

Natural Materials and Colors

One of the most impactful ways to create an authentic coastal look in your home is to use natural materials. In our beach photo frame collection, you'll find a variety of options crafted from materials like rattan, jute, teak and cotton. Many frames also feature textured styles as well, which adds a rugged nautical look while still maintaining a luxurious style.

Colors are equally important for achieving a coastal theme, which is why you'll find many soft, calming tones in this collection. Choose white, tan or light blue picture frames to accent your space using a consistent style. Stylish designs like nautical stripes or scalloped edges enhance the seaside aesthetic.

Treasured Memories on Display

Photo frames are the most personal element of decor in any room. While beautiful coastal artwork and furniture can certainly enhance your space, photo frames allow you to feel more connected to loved ones in a meaningful way while tailoring your space to your unique identity. Choosing beautiful coastal picture frames gives these photographic mementos the special place in your home that they deserve.