Discover lighting for every space in our thoughtfully curated collection of sconces inspired by the sea. Varied styles help everyone find an aesthetic that complements your home interior. Choose from clean, white designs to sconce lighting that incorporates different shades of blue sea tones. Find the ideal piece for your home today.

Coastal Sconces for Elevated Interior Lighting

We believe the right accents can transform a space. Lighting is one of multiple elements that make a room feel complete, and our sconces feature natural elements such as rattan, linen and other materials that evoke the beauty of the ocean. Classic sconces have linen or woven shades to coordinate with your traditional lamps. Beaded designs look exceptional in a relaxed atmosphere, and metal styles have a dignified aesthetic with versatility for many interiors. Find your finishing touches with our wall décor collection.

Supporting Our Cause

Offering a high-quality selection of coastal décor is our priority as a business founded by lifelong design aficionado, Meg Young. Our teams diligently source only the finest pieces. Having a place to call your own is a basic human need that we all deserve, and that is a cause we care deeply for. That's why we have partnered with Family Promise, a nonprofit organization that's helped almost a million families with community-based responses to family homelessness. Thank you for supporting our business and assisting us in donating to the cause.