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Enhance your table setting with our luxurious coastal flatware sets and more pieces inspired by the sea. Transform your everyday or special occasion tablescape with our elevated place-setting products.

How To Set a Table with Seaside Aesthetics

A formal table setting can transport you to the shore, and our thoughtfully curated dinnerware showcases that with distinctively sea-inspired looks. Elevate your table set-up with traditional coastal silverware or bamboo flatware sets. Choose individual cups to coordinate with your existing pieces, or pick out coastal glassware sets for your home. Our dinnerware and flatware have exactly what you need to complete a proper table setting.

Our high-quality forks will bring subtle elegance when placed to the left of our dinner plates or bowls, and the matching knives and spoons to the right will emphasize that understated sophistication. Stemware should be placed above and to the right of your main plate. Create the ideal atmosphere when you set the table with blue or clear wine glasses, confetti glassware and beyond. Our sets are available in different shapes for beverages, white or red wine and more.

Our appetizer plates should be positioned above the forks in your coastal table setting. Your sea-inspired entrée dinnerware and salad plates will be to the left of the forks.