Chandeliers & Lanterns

This curated collection of elegant coastal chandeliers and lanterns has been carefully chosen to bring you the finest pieces for your home. Whether you have a relaxed seaside aesthetic or a luxe coastal style, there is a lighting option for your space at Cailíní Coastal.

Unique Coastal Chandeliers for Dining Rooms, Entryways and Beyond

Made to be statement pieces, the lighting here ranges from subtle elegance to bold designs. This variety makes it effortless for everyone to find the ideal piece for their tastes and the room they have in mind.

Reflecting the different tones of the sea, we love incorporating various shades of blue into our collections. Ombre effects and vibrant or gentle blues offer visual diversity for your home. Bringing the coast into everyday life, natural elements are incorporated into these chandeliers. Take a look at home lighting crafted from wood beads, rattan, seashells, bamboo and more. For typically narrow spaces like foyers and staircases, we also carry small coastal chandeliers to provide ample light and sophisticated style. Select the perfect aesthetic and size for your needs today.


Find a stylish way to illuminate your home with hanging light fixtures at Cailini Coastal. Our curated collection features a wide variety of elegant coastal chandeliers. You'll find glamorous coastal lighting fixtures for a luxe oceanfront home as well as charming beach chandeliers for a relaxed seaside aesthetic. Choose bold accents or opt for subtle elegance to suit your interior design tastes and infuse your home with a beautiful glow.

These nautical lighting solutions create a stylish statement in any space. Choose compact coastal lights to provide bright illumination near your bathroom mirrors, or select a large coastal beaded chandelier to serve as a focal point in your dining room. Lantern-style nautical chandeliers make lovely accents over a kitchen island or entryway. Browse the full collection of coastal lighting chandeliers to find the perfect fit for your home.