With our exclusive offerings of rope doormat designs and versatile fique mats, you are certain to find the right decorative mat for your space.

Rope Doormats and Other Natural Materials

Transform your house into a seaside sanctuary from the moment you reach the door, thanks to our unique doormats. We're proud to make it simple to find a coastal welcome mat that expresses what you love most about the shore before you even set foot in your home.

Our exclusive offerings for nautical rope doormats have you covered with single solid colors, or choose from various striped looks that range from one single stripe to careful placement of several stripes. Choose a coastal doormat with white, green or natural tones to showcase the finest sea-inspired palette for your home.

For a subtler texture, look at fique coastal doormats that can also be displayed as a mat beside your tub if you prefer. Fique is a natural fiber in the same botanical family as sisal, capturing that soothing feeling of the shore.

Discover coastal indoor doormats and outdoor styles here today.