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When I set out to launch Cailíní Coastal, etúHOME was on my short list of brands I absolutely had to carry.  I was drawn to their beautifully unique and high quality pieces since I first discovered them.  I love the handmade nature of their products, giving each piece a one-of-a-kind feel - which is something I always look for when adding accents to my home.
I am so excited to announce our first-ever exclusive products in collaboration with etúHOME!  I'm truly giddy with excitement being able offer our best-selling etúHOME charcuterie boards in a Cailíní Coastal exclusive navy blue and white colorway!
 In celebration of our launch, I sat down with the creative and savvy founder behind the etúHOME brand we (and you all) love, Stacy Borocz.  Read on for my interview with Stacy to learn more about what makes etúHOME so special and to see our exclusive new charcuterie boards, which launch today!
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Credit: Molly Rose Photography


CC: One of the (many) reasons we love etúHOME is because of how unique the pieces are. What inspires your designs? 

SB: Everything! etúHOME was founded on the idea of capturing the spirit of the quintessential European lifestyle by transforming everyday objects into cherished accents for the kitchen and home. Our entire collection is meant to help elevate the everyday by allowing our customers to use our pieces for day-to-day living, and not just special occasions. We are rooted in European design and have spent a lot of time thoughtfully curating a collection that contains pieces that are generational – items built to last, to stand the test of time, quality over quantity, where beauty meets function. We are inspired by 19th century European architecture, art, fashion, nature, old world techniques and color to name a few. We are constantly observing our environments: from the way the tiles are laid on the sidewalk, to the colors of the graffiti we see on buildings, to the metal work on doors and window to the finials on top of buildings. We also look at what resources are available, what is missing in our collection, what colors will be trending next season. We also collect found items – antique pieces – a lot of which are impractical for today’s lifestyle. So, finding ways how we can update a great one-of-a-kind item and make it available to more than just one lucky person, but also make it functional, so it can be woven into daily life. Our products all serve a purpose, yet they also look great as décor. We have great fun in finding ways to update and give new life to ordinary items that tend to get overlooked.
Credit: etúHOME
CC: Another reason we love etúHOME is because of the quality and craftsmanship. Can you tell us a bit more about how and where the pieces are made? 
 SB: One of the key elements to our brand is that everything is made from sustainable materials if possible and that everything is made in Europe. We wanted to shine a light on old world techniques, master craftsmen, and the perfectly imperfect touch of the human hand. 
CC: Many of the kitchen accents we sell are made of reclaimed wood. What makes this material so special and any tips for care? 
SB: We utilize reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood in serveware, tabletop and cutting board collections. The material is special and important because it is renewable. We work with special sustainably managed forests in Central Europe that manage the landscape to prevent damage to the environment and wildlife. We make an effort to look at the bigger picture, the long-term rather than short-term view of the resource. Additionally, quality plays an equal part in why our products are not your average home products. Our products are crafted with sustainability in mind from a social responsibility as well - we want our customers to collect and invest in curating their own collections in their homes. However, you will not need to be replacing these products in a few years due to quality issues. These have been made with the intent of being generational, getting better with use, a piece of art.  
Credit: Molly Rose Photography
CC: etúHOME perfectly blends style and functionality and the charcuterie boards are just one example of that. Can you tell us how you like to use them when entertaining and also style them when you’re not? 
SB: For entertaining, we love using wood boards instead of your typical serving platter…. Don’t just think charcuterie… they are so much more than that. Perfect for layering desserts, a flat surface for beverage serving. When the charcuterie boards are not in use, they still get prime real estate in the kitchen. Whether they remain on your counter with a bowl of fruit, or a vase of fresh cut stems placed on top, layered against your backsplash behind your stove, or stacked against your cabinets - these products are not meant to be tucked away. Pride of place is very relevant to all of the etúHOME pieces, and you won’t need to find storage space for these products. 
CC: We love that sustainability is something so deeply rooted in your brand. Tell us more about why sustainable materials and safe working environments are so important to you and something you prioritize. 
SB: Using sustainable materials is important to our brand because it is renewable. We work with special sustainably managed forests in Central Europe that manage the landscape to prevent damage to the environment and wildlife to create our wooden products. Our glass items are created using old world techniques and recycled glass. Our design is sustainable because we have considered the environment from a materials standpoint as well as from a functional standpoint. These items are timeless and made to last, leaving a minimal social impact on the world by not partaking in over-consumerism. 
Credit: Molly Rose Photography
CC: At Cailíní Coastal giving back to our charitable partner, Family Promise, is truly important to what we do, and we know philanthropy is something you value as well. Tell us a bit more about how etúHOME gives back to the Atlanta community? 
SB: We like to partner with local Atlanta charities that share our passion for sustainability. This past April, for Earth Month, we teamed up with The Nature Conservancy and donated a portion of our sales to their initiative. They are a global nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive together. Their mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Its vision is a world where the divert of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.
CC:  We are so excited to launch CC’s first exclusive products with etúHOME! Can you tell us what you love about these pieces and how you will use them?
SB: I absolutely love the execution of this board combo, classic as a navy blazer!  The clean lines of the navy and white are certain to elevate any kitchen or outdoor entertaining space.  Additionally, the combo is perfectly suited for both shorelines whether east or west yet also relevant in lake homes, modern flats and country cottages. 
Credit: Molly Rose Photography 
CC:  What are your 3 favorite pieces from etúHOME available at Cailini Coastal?
SB: I am partial to the Strand Round Trivet in white as the round trivet is the first item etúHOME ever created.  Additionally, the Pine Lazy Susan is as useful as it is elegant, a true example of beauty meets function.  Finally, the Catalina Everyday Vase is a personal favorite.  I love how the delicate lip and organic feel of the mouth blown glass allows flowers to fall naturally and the French Bee detail adds a subtle touch of sophistication to this special piece. 
Credit: Cailíní Coastal
CC: When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?
SB: You will find me one of three places;
1. With my growing family.  I have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren so far.  As they live on three different continents, I travel often.
2. That said, I love to travel and while it’s often for business, I usually add a day or two before or after a trip for pleasure.  I find travel fuels my creativity and I find inspiration everywhere I go.  Also, I never miss an art museum if one is near.
3. Finally, I love yoga, but since I listed it third, you can tell I am not engaging as much as I would like! 
Credit: etúHOME

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