Kitchen Accessories

Discover the perfect accent to complete your kitchen. We offer a range of high-quality items, from handmade mixing bowls and stoneware utensil holders to decorative vintage dough bowls and glass jars for storing and organizing your essentials.

Our Kitchen Coastal Décor and Accessories

Whether you want our exceptional charcuterie boards and knives in your kitchenware at home or the various finishing pieces that pull a room together, this highly curated collection of coastal kitchen décor and accessories has what you need.

Bring coastal living into your home with products that feature reclaimed wood, timeless glass and other exceptional materials that remind you of the shore. Our sea-inspired designs feature embossed laurels, distressed finishes and styles that complement our ginger and temple jars for any space in your home.

We love incorporating multi-purpose pieces in our coastal kitchen. Our handcrafted mixing bowls can be used to set fruit out on your breakfast bar or to bake delicious recipes. Our stoneware crocks are similarly versatile, organizing your kitchenware as a coastal utensil holder or chilling wine for your friends and family. Dive into our thoughtfully curated coastal kitchen accessories to transform your home into a seaside sanctuary.