Tiny Tides Lighting


Chic enough for grownups yet whimsical enough for children, the Tiny Tides lighting collection at Cailíní Coastal turns ordinary spaces into inviting places that all ages can enjoy. From beautiful sconces crafted with natural materials to dazzling chandeliers, there is an elegant lighting solution for every space in this selection. Find lamps, lanterns and more, all featuring coastal-inspired designs ideal for children's bedrooms and playrooms. While these lighting options have a luxurious look worthy of any room, they have been curated specifically for this collection of designs for kids' spaces.

Lighting for Beautiful, Inviting Spaces

In decorating your space, the impact of lighting can't be understated. It not only adds the visual element of the fixture itself, but also the illumination that it creates in the room. For lighting in kids’ rooms, this is especially important. The right overhead lighting can make a playroom more calming or stimulating for the youngest members of the family, while a nightstand lamp can provide the perfect level of illumination for bedtime stories. This Tiny Tides collection features a variety of lighting options to create the child-first atmosphere you desire in each space.

Chic, Coastal-Inspired Designs

The lighting designs in the Tiny Tides collection capture the feeling of breezy West Coast attitudes with a touch of classic East Coast elegance. You'll find muted shades of blue, nautical-inspired rope accents, scalloped edges, handwoven rattan textures and other elements of coastal style. With a selection replete with luxe chandeliers, sconces, pendants, lamps and other lighting solutions, coastal décor accents abound here.