Shells, Coral & Glass Beads

Showcase your love of the shore with our classic decorative clam bowl, beads crafted from recycled sea glass and detailed coral sculptures. Transform your home into a seaside sanctuary wherever you live with our authentic seashell sets and other quintessential coastal pieces.

Premium Coral, Glass Beads, Seashells and Beyond

Create a sea-inspired atmosphere in your home with our decorative items that make your space feel complete. Complement seashell décor and other pieces by choosing our timeless accents, from elegant golden clam bowls to the vintage sea glass beads you can display in them or around the neck of a lamp. Our coral sculptures are inspired by the sea and made with aluminum and resin to capture their natural beauty without further jeopardizing our planet's coral reefs.

Our pearlized turbo shell set reflects our respect for the shore with responsibly gathered, genuine seashells sourced from the Philippines. We're proud to help protect the ecological wellness of the surrounding habitat with sustainable methods that maintain a healthy population for the species. These shells are pearlized to increase their luster and shine, making them eye-catching centerpieces.