Tiny Tides Decor

The spirit of the sea makes for a perfect theme for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Our Tiny Tides décor collection at Cailíní Coastal is curated with kids in mind. From tiny tots to older children, the youngest members of the family are sure to appreciate the special, ocean-inspired touches you've selected just for them.

Create a Captivating Space

Encouraging kids to use their imaginations is difficult in rooms that feel drab and dull. Yet ornately decorated spaces can be overstimulating to young minds. The decorative accents in our Tiny Tides collection feature creative touches that help make spaces feel not only fun and inviting but also nurturing and calming. Add charming bookends and sculptural accents to the shelves. Place family photos in textured frames, and use adorable baskets to store tiny clothes, toys or blankets. With a few additions here and there, a room can be instantly transformed into a stylish space that kids love to spend time in.

West Coast Meets East Coast

Décor that captures the classic coastal aesthetic means West Coast influences are abundant in our Tiny Tides collection. Enjoy calming shades of blue and pink reminiscent of a California sunset, and choose from beautiful, natural materials like rattan and mother of pearl. A touch of timeless East Coast elegance is incorporated, too, in each design, adding an elevated feel to each and every decorative accent.