Tiny Tides Bed & Bath


Infuse that seaside spirit into children’s bedrooms and bathrooms for a light and airy feel with ocean-inspired décor from Cailíní Coastal. Our Tiny Tides bed and bath collection has been curated with the littlest ones in mind, ensuring that family members of all ages can enjoy comfortable and inviting spaces. From classic bathmats and shower curtains to cozy blankets and pillows, we've put together a selection of exclusive offerings featuring our distinctive luxury coastal aesthetic with childlike charm top of mind.

Elegant Bath Accessories

Fresh, clean and breezy: a bright aesthetic filled with accents inspired by the coast is ideal for the children’s bathroom. Imagine shades of serene blue with hints of sunset-inspired pastel pink or garden-esque green. Our Tiny Tides collection features items that help to create a fun and inviting space kids enjoy while still adhering to parents’ preferences for an elevated design. Discover a range of textures and tones in patterned shower curtains, tufted bathmats, plush bath towels and other bathroom essentials that balance whimsy and elegance.

Creating the Ultimate Bedroom Escape

The best kids' bedroom combines elements of play with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for winding down after a long day of activity. The bedroom should function as their haven, acting as a safe and cozy space where they can fully be themselves as bedtime approaches. The soft textures and soothing tones of our Tiny Tides bedroom collection are perfectly suited to these goals. Kids of all ages will love the feel of lush quilts and coverlets along with coordinating sheets and shams. Create a child-friendly escape and welcome them into the homey cocoon of their coastal-inspired bedroom.