Designer Spotlight: Haley Weidenbaum of Everhem

We’re ending the year with an exciting CC Designer Spotlight…meet Haley Weidenbaum, interior designer and Founder of Everhem – a Los Angeles based e-commerce destination for designer-quality custom window treatments.

As a designer, Haley is known for her California casual yet sophisticated esthetic.  After many years working with both residential and commercial clients, she realized all clients were in need of custom window treatments but were unsure where to begin.  This realization led her to create Everhem.

Everhem is the go-to one-stop-shop for window treatments.  From woven roman shades to beautiful linen drapes, Everhem offers beautiful quality and timeless designs. 

Since we have the expert in all things window treatments, we decided to focus this spotlight on just that!  Read on as Haley answers commonly asked questions and shares her expertise, so you can achieve that designer look at home.  

Credit: Stephanie Loren


CC: How did you get your start as a designer and tell us about your design career? 

HW: I was working in hotel sales and after a year in that position I quickly realized that I’d much rather design the hotel than work inside of it. I quickly shifted gears and went back to school to earn a certificate in Architecture & Interior Design at UCLA.  While taking classes, I began small design projects for friends and friends of friends. Quickly that became a viable business and I had about ten projects going on at one time. My business grew organically at first - mostly out of referrals from past clients - but I also partnered with Homepolish to help grow and scale my business. Essentially Homepolish helped pair me with clients while also giving me a platform to showcase my designs through their social media presence and marketing efforts.


CC: What was the catalyst for you to create Everhem?

HW: I worked as an interior designer for nearly 8 years before starting Everhem. It had been my experience that designing and choosing window treatments was a pain point for nearly every client. As a seasoned interior designer, I was able to clear the confusion by streamlining the process and creating a distinct style of beautiful window coverings for my projects. However, without an interior designer, like myself, this process was next to impossible. This led me to my lightbulb moment that designing beautiful and custom window treatment should be made simple for everyone, and not just my clients.

Credit: Jessica Alexander


CC: Tell us a little bit about Everhem and what makes it so special? 

HW: In short, Everhem offers a simple way to design beautiful custom drapery and hardware, Roman shades, and woven wood shades. Our styles and fabrics are extremely curated and our finished products are of the highest quality. My goal when creating our offerings was to provide clients with window coverings that are beautiful and classic yet unique and custom to your windows. I’m an entrepreneur but I’m an interior designer first.  it was important to me when we launched this company to make sure that I was still providing sound interior design advice. For that reason our online store is incredibly user friendly and feels as though an interior designer is walking you through the process of customizing and designing your window treatment through our step by step customizer, real time chat feature, and our free virtual design consultations. I know firsthand how confusing, overwhelming, and out of date this industry has become so it was important to create an online shop that was the answer to everyone’s window treatment woes. In addition, everything is custom made here in Los Angeles and shipped directly to your door complete with a comprehensive instruction manual (for installation) and all necessary hardware components.

Credit: Jessica Alexander


CC: Let’s talk window treatments. What is the biggest mistake you see people making with window treatments?  

HW: The biggest mistake I see is when people decide to not go the custom route. There is no one window size, thus you can’t have window treatments that is one size fits all. Measuring precisely and customizing a window covering that is unique to your windows is the best design decision you can make for your space. Window coverings can really transform a space and making it the right size is the first step.

Credit: Jessica Alexander


CC: What are the most important things for people to consider when shopping for window treatments?

HW: First ask yourself, how is this space used? This will help you figure out what you need to include in your window treatments so they meet all your needs. Next, look closely at your windows and assess what type of product will fit your windows best. Some windows only need inside or outside mount shades, others just drapery, and sometimes both will work on the same window. By taking a close look at your windows, while customizing your coverings on our website it will help clear up these questions. Fabric type and color is also an important to consider when customizing your window treatment. You want to make sure it works seamlessly with your existing design and is also something you won’t grow tired of or want to change in a few years.


CC: For customers who are shopping Everhem and unsure of which fabric to choose, what are three universally flattering fabrics you love?

HW: All of our fabric options skew towards a neutral color palette for this very reason. You can’t go wrong with any of the options you choose, but my top three favorites and universally flattering would be: CLOUD 100% Linen or Linen Blend, LIMESTONE 100% Linen or Linen Blend, or FOG 100% Linen or Linen Blend. These three colors will perfectly match an array of colors and styles. Cloud is our whitest white, Limestone is a neutral beige, and Fog is a cool gray.

Credit: Jessica Alexander


CC: Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?

HW: Another unique product at Everhem that compliments the Cailíní Coastal aesthetic is our woven wood shades. You can explore them here. They are made of natural materials like grasses, bamboo, and reeds and give a space a very coastal vibe, but also a classic and clean look.

Credit: Jessica Alexander


CC:  What are your favorite Cailíní Coastal finds and how would you style them?


I love mixing natural material into accents and accessories. It’s unique to find a light fixture with natural woven rattan integrated so beautifully into a design. I would make a statement with this chandelier and feature it in a dining room with a large unfinished wood table and ivory or cream upholstered chairs.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal



I like to display two or three stacked coffee table books on either shelves or a coffee table to add height and dimension to your space and also give that space a more “lived in” feeling.



Credit: Cailíní Coastal



Maybe because it’s quilt season right now but I love the coziness, pattern, and hint of color in this quilt. I’d pair it with all white bedding, white pillows, and white drapery and let the quilt be the main accent of color and pattern in the room.



Credit: Cailíní Coastal


For more information on Everhem visit and follow @everhem on Instagram.  To see more of Haley's designs follow @HaleyWeidenbaum on Instagram.

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