(Credit: Darina Todorova)
As you get ready to host this spring—be it for Easter, Passover, or just a family get-together— we want to make sure you're feeling prepared to set the perfect scene for your next table. The hosting to-do list can seem never-ending, but let's tackle the table setting together, making it more of a fun, creative project than a chore. We have 4 tips that will help make your table so inviting, it'll be one of the fond memories everyone takes home with them.

1. Seek Inspiration

Every memorable table begins with a spark of inspiration. This could be a pastel-colored linen, a set of bunny salt and pepper shakers, or the vibrant hues of your favorite spring flowers. Let the season guide you, embracing a soft color palette, floral patterns, or even a garden theme that celebrates the new life spring brings. We love to put together a mood board to help us determine what we want the look and feel to be!


2. Layer with Love

(Credit: Darina Todorova)
Layering is the secret to a dynamic table. Start with a patterned tablecloth or runner that echoes spring's vitality. Our new Gingham Linens are perfect for the season! Next, add placemats or chargers in complementary colors or natural materials like capiz shell or rattan for visual interest. Mix and match dinnerware in a variety of hues (every setting doesn't have to be the same!), and don’t forget the power of a beautifully folded napkin and a special bauble as a personal touch atop each plate.  

3. Incorporate Seasonal Elements

(Credit: Darina Todorova)

Springtime is rich with symbols—from Easter eggs to bunnies to fresh blooms and more! Integrate these elements subtly: think ceramic bunny salt and pepper shakers, blue & white ceramic eggs, seasonal napkin rings, or a centerpiece featuring stunning seasonal blooms. Remember, a light hand maintains elegance when it comes to seasonal decor, but the more variety, the better!


4. Flourish with Florals

(Credit: Darina Todorova)
No Springtime table is complete without flowers. Choose arrangements that speak to the season—tulips, snapdragons, ranunculus and daffodils offer bright bursts of color and fragrance. Consider a mixture of small vases as well as larger centerpieces to make your table feel full and layered. For a creative twist, incorporate other natural materials, such a grapevine wreath, for an elegant yet earthy touch!

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