Behind the Brand: CATAVENTO

A few weeks ago we introduced a collection of gorgeous and luxurious throw blankets with Catavento.  If you’re looking for a throw blanket that is as cozy as it is stylish, look no further!  Founded by two sisters with hearts are as beautiful as their hand-made throws, we’re excited to share more Behind the Brand.
Credit: Catavento
We love that you are sisters in business together! Tell us about your backgrounds and why you decided to get into business together. 
Paulina and I (Virginia) grew up in a family of five children in the city of Cordoba, Argentina. We both attended University there. Paulina is an accountant and I majored in Business Administration. After an early career in marketing with the Coca-Cola Company I left Argentina to pursue my MBA in Barcelona, Spain. There I met my husband Andy -who is American- and six months later I moved to the US with him. We were married shortly after, and three kids later we are about to celebrate our 18th Anniversary. Paulina lives in Buenos Aires with her husband and her two year old daughter, Ernestina. 
We have always been close and a few years ago we found ourselves at a turning point in our careers. We shared a love of design and an appreciation for high quality craftsmanship and we realized we were in a unique position to bring handmade pieces from Argentina to the world. We work together collaboratively on design; Paulina manages sourcing and weaving in Buenos Aires while I focus on marketing and sales here in California.
Credit: Catavento
What was the inspiration behind Catavento? 
We find inspiration everywhere in Argentina, from the early 20th century European architecture in the charming streets of Buenos Aires to the beautiful colors of Patagonia. Our parents were a big source of inspiration in different ways.  Our mom is a former art gallery owner currently devoting her time to working with various non-profit organizations. Our father is an entrepreneur and founder of the first Argentine-owned Hospitality chain. We are inspired by the idea that we have a responsibility to give back, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to do so with our brand.
Credit: Catavento
What does Catavento mean? 
Catavento means 'Telltale' in Spanish. A telltale is a thread placed on either side of a sail that helps us steer the course of a sailboat by telling us how well wind is flowing through. Paulina and I grew up sailing and our Dad -an avid sailor who crossed the Atlantic solo on a 50 ft boat!- taught us to use telltales to 'read' the wind. When thinking about a name for our brand, this word brought back memories of our childhood while capturing the direction we are taking together in this new journey.
 Credit: Catavento
We love brands that have a heart, like yours! Can you share the details of your cause? 
We partner with Las Omas - a non-profit organization based in our hometown of Cordoba, that provides women with access to education and work opportunities. With every Catavento blanket sold, we give a blanket to a child in need. Sadly, poverty in Argentina affects 66% of children and we have a responsibility to help change this. We believe that the path out of poverty lies in education and in Las Omas we found a team committed to providing it for women and their families.
What makes Catavento throws so special?
Our throws are made by hand, one at a time. There are subtle differences between them that make them truly unique. We like to think that our pieces tell a story, that of the tradition passed on through generations of artisans who craft them to last a lifetime. The other special component is the 'noble' yarns we use such as our Ultimate Merino - a wool with long, cylindrical fibers that provide natural softness and elasticity without the need for chemical treatments.
 Credit: Catavento
Tell us, what's next for the brand?
We are growing our line and we can't wait to share more! We will be adding new handmade home accents and decor pieces next year and we will continue to expand our selection of throws with lightweight linen and super soft alpaca in neutral tones.
Credit: Catavento
Madaket Merino Throw - Seafoam
Madaket Cotton Throw - Smoke
Madaket Cotton Throw - Seafoam
For more information on CATAVENTO follow @ShopCatavento on Instagram.

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