Behind the Brand: ChappyWrap

I am excited to introduce you to one of my latest obsessions, ChappyWrap.  Since my family and I moved to New England, I started seeing these oversized blankets in A LOT of our new friends' homes and I had to see what the hype was all about. After test driving them in our own home, I understood. These large, uber cozy blankets are stylish AND machine washable.  Meaning they're perfect for families with kiddos and pets - like mine.   

Credit: Chappy Wrap
ChappyWrap has two females behind it - a mother-daughter duo - and we had the pleasure of speaking with Christina Livada, the "daughter" of the duo and President of ChappyWrap.  When Christina and I first connected she told me that ChappyWraps were the blankets that everyone in her family fought over.  The same thing happened in our house, so that's why we now own FOUR of them!
Read on to learn more about how ChappyWrap began, what makes these blankets so unique, and what's in store for the brand!

Photo: Mindy Briar

CC: Where are you based? 
CL: Portland, Maine. 

  CC: What was the inspiration behind ChappyWrap?
 CL:  ChappyWrap was inspired by a family blanket that was passed down through generations. We searched for years to try and find a blanket that matched its size, hand-feel, washability and durability. When we couldn’t find one, we decided to create our own! We set out on a mission to make the best blankets in the world and recreate for our customers the same emotional ties to the product that our family had always had.

Credit: ChappyWrap

CC:  We love that this is a family business!  Can you tell us about making that family dynamic work so well to build this beautiful brand?
  CL: We have worked really hard to figure out how to successfully run a business as a family – and it’s something we’re still working on, on a daily basis! We try our best to separate work and home life whenever possible – which allows us to keep that special family time sacred and prevents us from talking business at the Thanksgiving table. We try to know when we’re acting as coworkers and when we’re acting as family, which helps a lot. We work to communicate openly and of course, never forget to have fun!

Credit: ChappyWrap

 CC:  I instantly fell in love with ChappyWraps once I tried them and now they’re one of our favorite blankets to snuggle up under as a family.  What makes these blankets so special?
CL:  Thank you! They are made from a high-quality cotton blend which makes them super soft, durable and machine washable and dryable. The blend makes it so they don’t lose their signature feel, even after they are washed. They are woven on a jacquard loom, so every design is reversible and the patterns are woven right into the fabric, and are never printed or dyed. They are also oversized, so they are large enough to cover you from head to toe. They are beautiful and can compliment any home décor, but can also truly be used and loved by the whole family.

Credit: ChappyWrap

 CC: Where are ChappyWraps made and what are they made from?
CL:  We manufacture ChappyWraps in Germany and Poland. They are made from a high-quality cotton blend (58% natural cotton, 35% acrylic, 7% polyester).

Credit: ChappyWrap

 CC: Beyond using them as a throw on your sofa, how can our customers enjoy their ChappyWraps?
CL:  Because they wash so well, they are super versatile and can be used on the boat, at the beach, for a picnic at the park or at an outdoor movie night – then, get tossed in the wash and used on a couch or in bed. You can truly integrate them into your whole life!

Credit: ChappyWrap

CC:  What’s next for the ChappyWrap brand?  What are you most excited about?
CL:  We’re expanding our collection of Chappy shawls this fall because they were so popular last year! We also have some super exciting collaborations launching this fall/holiday – and we’ll be launching our very own collection of candles, exclusive to ChappyWrap, for the first time. In 2023, we’ll be expanding our line of pillows significantly and extending our collection of extra-large blankets (great for the whole family to snuggle up under together!). And we have a few other super fun long-term product development plans up our sleeves!

CC: When you’re not working, what can we find you doing? 

CL: Taking our dog to the beach, going for family walks and eating delicious food!

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