Behind the Brand: RE'ME.DI.UM Candle

It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to not only our first-ever Cailíní Coastal candles (!!!) but to my lovely and impressive friend, Sophie Offit, the founder of RE'ME.DI.UM Candle
I discovered RE'ME.DI.UM in my early days of sourcing for Cailíní Coastal.  As a candle obsessed consumer, I wanted to find a fresh alternative to the mainstream candle brands that have been around for decades.   I was first drawn to RE'ME.DI.UM for the unique and simple packaging - the clean glass with a cork stopper top.  When I tried my first candle (White Tea & Eucalyptus - still my personal favorite!) I was  impressed with not just the delicious scent, but how much fragrance the candle emitted. Our entire downstairs was filled with the fresh aroma.  The wooden wicks and clean ingredients were just icing on the cake. 
When I met Sophie, we instantly clicked.  We both had two young daughters around the same age (she was pregnant with baby #3), had made a career change to follow a passion, and started businesses out of our garage.  We had a lot in common!
I was so excited to support my fellow momtrepreneur as well as to offer her amazing candles to our customers.  
Read on to learn more about Sophie, RE'ME.DI.UM and our exciting collaboration to create the Cailíní Coastal candle!
xo Meg


Credit: Cailíní Coastal

CC: Tell us about your background and how you got your start as an entrepreneur with RE'ME.DI.UM.
SO: I moved to the US from Australia to do my masters in Modern and Contemporary Art and the Art Market. I have always loved art and design and missed having a creative outlet while I was working in the Art World. I started making candles as little favors to give to guests at my wedding - afterwards all of my friends asked for another candle.  When friends of friends started offering to purchase the candles, RE'ME.DI.UM Candle was born. 


Credit: RE'ME.DI.UM

CC:  We are so thrilled to launch our exclusive Cailíní Coastal scent with RE'ME.DI.UM!  We’ll be debuting them in a new vessel, the ceramic bowls.  Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired this coastal scent for you and the gorgeous vessels? 

SO: I loved the idea of making a candle with a fragrance that reflected the beautiful visual aesthetic of all things Cailíní Coastal! The fragrance we chose has notes of frangipani, gardenia and tuberose which is such a sophisticated and tropical floral fragrance. I didn't have anything like it in my current line of candles - I am so excited to introduce it!  

The ceramic multi-wick candles are definitely different and offer a more unique candle experience. The bowls serve as a great table centerpiece for any occasion.  What I love about them is the reflection of all the small flames in the melted wax which reminds me of paper lanterns on water, and the multiplied crackling sound that some people have likened to the sound of rain(!). The vessel itself was inspired from my love of Japanese Ceramics -a more natural organic form with beautiful minimalist qualities.

Credit: Molly Rose Photo 

CC: Let’s talk ingredients.  What is special about the ingredients RE'ME.DI.UM does and does not use?

SO:  Right before I started RE'ME.DI.UM I had given birth to my first daughter (now 5) and she was extremely premature, born at 26 weeks. Being a new mom, especially to a more vulnerable baby that had lived in a hospital for 3 months, made me hyper aware of the ingredients that were being used in our home.   Needless to say, the candles that I had purchased in my home, I did not feel comfortable burning after reading the content labels.  This led me to research all the possible ingredients and is why I ultimately chose to use natural coconut wax, wooden wicks, and phthalate-free fragrance.


Credit: RE'ME.DI.UM


CC: Your candles have many unique and special qualities, like the wooden wicks that you just mentioned.  What are the benefits and why did you choose to make your candles with wooden versus wax wicks?
SO: Yes, we only use wooden wicks in our candles. Wooden wicks are clean burning, self trimming, and provide a soft crackling which we prefer.  Wooden wicks also burn slightly hotter than cotton wicks which provides a stronger scent throw.   The crackling of a wood wick makes for a more enjoyable candle experience, many find it relaxing as if they were sitting by a wood burning fire.
CC: Any tips for burning wooden wick candles?
SO: Just light, grab your favorite glass of wine and enjoy! :)


Credit: Cailíní Coastal


CC: You’re also a mom of three!  Many of our customers are working moms who would love to start their own business.  Any tips for juggling life as a mom and founder of a fast-growing business?

SO: I am not going to lie, it has been really tough at times, but it is also extremely rewarding!!! My advice to anyone that has kids and wants to start a business is to go for it but you need to dive in 100% -  be very prepared for all the late nights and hard work it will take. 

CC: Our customers love your candles!  If you had to choose a favorite (we know you love them all), which scent would you choose?  

SO: Oh gosh, that is impossible! It would have to depend on the season.  In the summer I LOVE Lychee & Coconut, and in the winter I am constantly burning Pine & Amber, all day every day! 

Credit: Cailíní Coastal

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