Behind the Design: Ariel Okin x Mitzi Lighting

We are delighted to reconnect with our friend and renowned designer, Ariel Okin. With the launch of her first lighting collection with Mitzi, we were excited to delve into the inspiration behind these stunning pieces and discover what makes each one unique. Let's dive in!
(Photo Credit: Ariel Okin x Mitzi)
CC: Congratulations on your beautiful lighting collection with Mitzi! Tell us, what was the inspiration behind this collection?
AO: Our work at AOI is known for being “traditional with a twist” – a reverence for the classics, but tempered with contemporary accents. I wanted that ethos to guide everything we did with our collection, which is why you’ll see a mix of classic silhouettes, like the Clarendon lamp, against more modern shapes, like the Gladwyne chandelier and sconce family. I wanted anyone to be able to add either the traditional or contemporary accent to finish a room with these lighting pieces, at an affordable price point. 
CC: What are the general rules when determining what type of lighting to use in a room?
AO: I am not one to necessarily subscribe to interior “rules” per se, however I do think getting your scale right is incredibly important – and in my opinion, you’re often better going overscaled than under, if you’re not sure. 
CC: How do you achieve a layered light look without overdoing it?
AO: If you keep your grounding palette relatively neutral and solid – a pale blue or cream linen solid upholstered sofa; a textured jute or sisal rug – and layer in your pattern with textiles, throws and art, you are able to layer as much or as little as you’d like, without the room or space feeling overwhelmed by too much busyness. 
(Photo Credit: Ariel Okin x Mitzi)
CC: What are some unexpected spaces you like to use lighting?
AO: I love including a table lamp in a kitchen; I think it’s a great way to add in some task lighting and add some pretty low light that can be dimmable; often in kitchens it’s just high hats everywhere! 
(Photo Credit: Darina Todorova)
CC: We love your Fifi Picture Light!  What are some of your favorite ways to use a picture light besides hanging over a piece of art?
AO: I love using a picture light over a mirror in a bathroom or powder room to get a nice long line in a space where there isn’t room for two sconces! 
CC: When hanging a chandelier over a dining table (round or rectangle) what are your general guidelines to determining the size of the fixture and how high to hang it?
AO: We don’t generally subscribe to particular hard and fast “rules”, but one rule we do always follow is to make sure that you leave 7’ of clearance between the bottom of the fixture and the floor so that no one will hit their head!

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