Designer Spotlight: Audrey Kennedy of AGK Studio

I’m excited to introduce our monthly Designer Spotlight series.  I am constantly looking to interior designers for inspiration and I want to use this series to highlight some of the designers whose work I admire most …of course, all their design styles have a coastal flair. 

I am thrilled to kick off this series with the insanely talented Audrey Kennedy of AGK Design Studio Inc. in La Jolla, California.  I spent way too much time selecting photos, because I couldn’t narrow them down!  Her work is stunning and I love how she adds unexpected fun into her classically coastal designs. 

Let’s get to it, shall we!?

Credit: AGK Design Studio


CC: How did you get your start as a designer? 

AK: I began my career at a design firm 25 years ago.

 CC: In one line, what is your signature design style?

AK: Coastal with a twist.

Credit: AGK Design Studio

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CC: What are your favorite types of design projects? 

AK: I find cabanas, beach houses and beach rentals to be most enjoyable.  I also enjoy doing full remodels.  

CC: How can our customers achieve the designer look at home themselves? 

AK: Seek inspiration from designers.  With social media, it is so easy to get inspired and replicate the look yourself.

Credit: AGK Design Studio


CC: What are some of the most consistent design mistakes you see your clients making? 

AK: The two biggest mistakes I see again and again is the scale being incorrect and wrong use of paint colors.  Doing these two things right can completely transform a space. 

CC: How do you like to incorporate home accents in your design projects?

AK: I use accents on built-ins, sofas (pillows and throws)…I also like using accent plants and layering area rugs.

Credit: AGK Design Studio


CC: What types of home accents do you find to be most transformational to a room?

AK: Lighting is so key for brightness and coziness.  If you have an empty corner, I like to fill it with a plant.  Add something unexpected like a hanging chair or fun wallpaper.

Credit: AGK Design Studio


CC: What are your favorite Cailíní Coastal finds and how would you style them? 


I love to add accessories to a tray. Trays add texture to a table or ottoman.


Credit: AGK Design Studio



Sea glass beads are a must!  I use them often and like to drape them over a book.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal


I like to use a coastal vase filled with florals or branches for height on a table.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal

For more information on AGK Design Studio & loads of inspiration visit and follow @agk_designstudio on Instagram.


  • Sheri Brumbelow

    I love ready your comments on coastal decorating!

  • Piper Gerrity

    I love this idea of being introduced to coastal designers and their style. I enjoy seeing photos or examples of their style in an area that I love. It is like a coastal or “ beach club”. All of your followers, seeking new designers and ideas to inspire us. Thank you, for feeding my addiction.

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