Designer Spotlight: Dianne Boskovich

If you are a fellow lover of a traditional, blue and white décor you are going to love this month’s CC Designer Spotlight.  Meet Dianne Boskovich of Interiors By Dianne, based in Pasadena, California.  Dianne’s style is elegant and timeless.  She incorporates tons of ginger jars, beautiful blue and white patterns, natural woven textures, and subtle coastal touches into her designs….basically everything that we love at Cailíní Coastal!  While she’s a native Southern Californian, Dianne’s style oozes classic Hamptons-style charm. I love Dianne’s approach to design and completely share her belief that the key to transforming a space is in the details and that “blue and white go with absolutely anything!”



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CC: How did you get your start as a designer? 

DB: I began my work as a designer in 2006. I have always had a strong passion for design and was asked by several friends to help with their homes so I formed my company, Interiors by Dianne, in 2006. 


CC: What is your signature design style?

DB: My design style is best described as coastal, classic, and traditional. Living in Southern California, indoor/outdoor living is how we live! I like to create spaces that are family-friendly, warm, welcoming and comfortable. I want people to feel like they can walk in, sit on the couch and relax. I like to bring the outdoors in with coastal accents and greenery to give the space a serene and casual feel.

Credit: Beyoona Photography


CC: What are your favorite types of design projects? 

DB: I love to work on older homes with good bones! Growing up in Pasadena, most of the homes were built in the 1920’s and '30’s. Homes then were built so well and have so much character! It is fun to work on these homes and update them to fit with today’s way of living, while keeping the character and charm of the home. I use a lot of natural colors and blues and whites, this is my signature in all of my designs - you will always find some form of blue and white! I like a crisp, clean look with a pop of color. Blue and white go with absolutely anything! 

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CC: How can our readers achieve the designer look at home themselves? 

BB: The best way to achieve the 'designer look' at home is to start with a neutral palette and layer from there. Ground your space with a nice area rug and a neutral sofa. The key to transforming any space is to invest in nice pillows, lamps and accessories. Add simple pattern and texture to complete the look. And, of course, always add a personal touch that is special to you! This will enrich the space and make it look like it was done by a professional. 

Credit: Beyoona Photography


CC: What are some of the most consistent design mistakes you see your clients making? 

DB: The biggest mistake I see clients make is not using proper scale and mixing too many different styles and colors. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for mixing things and layering in antiques and other treasures, but there is a way to make it all work together. 


CC: How do you like to incorporate home accents in your design projects?

DB: I like to incorporate blue and white porcelain in all of my designs. I also like to splurge on nice pillows, fabrics and window treatments. Simple things like this can instantly transform a room! I am all about symmetry as I feel it balances a space and creates a cohesive feel to the room. I also think greenery instantly adds life to a space. 

Credit: Beyoona Photography


CC: What types of home accents do you find to be most transformational to a room?

DB: Pillows, lamps and blue and white! A pair of nice lamps, a grouping of blue and white porcelain on a mantle, nice accent pillows and greenery can instantly make a room feel like a new space. 

Credit: Beyoona Photography


CC: What are your favorite Cailíní Coastal finds and how would you style them? 

DB: Well, Cailíní Coastal does feature all of my favorites! Blue and white, coral, shells, trays, gorgeous pillows in so many fabulous fabrics, beautiful woven pieces…I could go on and on. You can’t go wrong with anything from Cailíní Coastal! Any accessory, lamp, or pillow would brighten up any room! If I had to pick my three favorites they would be: 


I love my blue and white, especially when it is antique, and these jars would be the perfect addition to any console or a mantle.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal



I love a good piece of coral. Coral instantly gives the room a finished look when added to a bookshelf, on top of a stack of books, or as decor on a side table.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal



You can add a pillow to a plain and simple room and it adds color, texture, pattern and makes it feel like a new space! 


Credit: Cailíní Coastal


For more information on Dianne Boskovich Design and to see more of her gorgeous designs visit and follow @interiorsbydianne on Instagram.

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  • James Abbott

    I love the simplicity and freshness behind here designs, it causes you to see and enjoy the entire environment instead of a room focal point.

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