Designer Spotlight: Jenny Minns of Palm & Prep Design

I am excited to introduce you to designer Jenny Minns of Palm & Prep Design.   Jenny is a California girl living in Boston and her design style represents both coasts she's called home.  As a fellow east coaster/Californian, I was immediately drawn to Jenny's designs.  Jenny not only creates beautiful spaces, but functional spaces (something I personally need to consider more in my own home!).  Her successful interior design business is a second life career...and for all you aspiring designers, Jenny's transition into the design world is quite an inspiring story.  Enjoy the interview!

xo Meg 


Credit: Bryan Miller Photography


CC: Where are you based? 

JM: South Shore of Boston


 CC: How did you get your start as a designer?  

JM: In California, I owned and operated a Wedding Planning & Design business for 12 years. Somewhere along the way I fell hard for the design element and I personally specialized on the decorative piece as we expanded into the luxury market. Our brides and grooms began requesting my services designing their homes. A few interior clients later and I knew I had found my forever calling. To seal the deal, I took an internship with a renowned design firm in OC. When a cross country move changed our lives & location, I decided to open the doors for Palm & Prep Design which exclusively focuses on Interior Design. 

Credit: Palm & Prep Design


CC: In one line, what is your signature design style? 

JM: Our company name captures my design essence; Palm is an homage to my laid-back Cali lifestyle and Prep honors our traditional New England roots. I blend a subtle coastal sense in all my airy and bright designs, grounded with some tradition.

Credit: Palm & Prep Design


CC: What are your favorite types of design projects?   

JM: This is so tough to answer.  I love how every single design project presents a completely unique set of needs and solutions. A favorite part of the business is the diversity of work. Although of all projects, I love a room or home that is ready to be completely made over. Walls come down, architectural elements added, and a blank canvas for furnishing. This is when my knees go weak and the creative juices get flowing!

Credit: Palm & Prep Design


CC: How can our customers achieve the designer look at home themselves? 

JM: Identify, curate and edit. Find the common theme in your design likes, become an expert in your own style seeking pieces that compliment the vibe, and edit down to quality elements that bring you joy.


CC: What is one of the most consistent design mistakes you see your clients making? 

JM: I often find that scale is off in home layouts. But that’s what we are there for -   to help create a room that is an expression of form & function. I hope to educate as we create, so my clients can learn how important scale and layout is when furnishing their home.


Credit: Joyelle West Photography


CC: How do you like to incorporate home accents in your design projects?  

JM: The best part! That last decorative layer is so important to polish the home, adding textures and bits of personality that connect the home owners & the design aesthetic throughout the house.


CC: What types of home accents do you find to be most transformational to a room?

JM: I have a straight up obsession with large scale lighting.  I love a bold pendant light or chandelier to transform the look and mood of a room.  It can be downright transformative.

Credit: Joyelle West Photography


CC: What are your favorite Cailíní Coastal finds and how would you style them? 


I adore this wave bowl, its beautiful and sculptural. The piece can stand on its own with its graceful shape or be filled.  I’d place this bowl alone on a shelf as the focal point or on a chunky coffee table paired with a stack of books.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal



I am all about creating little seating vignettes right now for cozying up.  I’d pair this stool with a cozy sink-in-to-it white chair and a table lamp for a reading nook.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal


Give me all the stripes! This pillow is perfection with its wavy striped pattern. Plop this on the cozy white chair and drum stool I mentioned, and you have a beautiful style moment.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal


For more information on Palm & Prep Design & loads of inspiration visit and follow @palmandprep on Instagram.

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