Designer Spotlight: Shana Bianchi of Sloane & Studio Interiors

We’re excited to kick off our CC Designer Spotlight series in the new year with the stunning work from designer Shana Bianchi of Sloane & Studio Interiors.

Prior to starting her own design firm, this Orange County California-based designer worked for some of the most prominent names in the interior design space.  While Shana’s design style is extremely versatile, we’ve featured some of her coastal designs that truly make us envy those who live in these spectacular spaces. 

Credit: Shana Bianchi

CC: How did you get your start as a designer?

SB: I previously branded global companies through creative direction, and styled retail stores and windows — so interior design was a natural, creative transition for me. I got my start working for a friend on a New York project, designing a 20k sq. foot shared office space — an early WeWork model... and prior to I worked in corporate retail and fashion, with my dear friend, Mark Sikes — a creative genius who inspired me then, and continues to inspire me now! His books “Beautiful” and “More Beautiful” are at staples for me, ones that I refer back to time and time again for new found inspiration and they always seem to ignite that designer excitement.


CC: In one line, what is your signature design style?

SB: Effortlessly curated, well-appointed design that feels clean, kept, lived in, elevated, and styled to perfection.

Credit: Shana Bianchi


CC: What are your favorite types of design projects?

SB: My favorite projects are the ones where a forever-bond is formed with a client. Homes now, more than ever, are such a crucial part of our lives, they are our sanctuaries! I take pride in helping to create spaces for families that are conducive to their lifestyles. I want a project to feel like a tasteful snapshot of my client’s personal styles. I strive to create an environment that someone wants to come home to, and never wants to leave. I love love love working with clients who have good taste, but need a professional touch to bring it all together — and that’s what I’m here for! To help coordinate and find cohesion through beauty with a capital B!

Credit: Shana Bianchi


CC: How can our customers achieve the designer look at home themselves?

SB: I love that you asked this, because a lot of how I work is education-based. I want to guide my clients and help them achieve their own well-appointed space, too. I make design accessible to all, mixing highs and lows and empowering my clients to learn to design along the way, since so many feel crippled by decor decisions. I often explain why I chose a certain sofa, why one light fixture would be better suited than the next, or the difference between a warm or cool grey. I want my clients to really understand so they can design on their own down the line. I love relationship building and the organic nature of a project as it ebbs and flows from start to finish. Also, ladies and gents... don’t underestimate the POWER of PINTEREST! Studying pictures, whether pinning, via Instagram, or through coffee table books can be the best education. Oh, and the significance of styling with the rule of threes, and the power of the pyramid is key for any room!

Credit: Shana Bianchi


CC: What is one of the most consistent design mistakes you see your clients making?

SB: I often see people styling with incorrect rug sizes, poor room layouts (lacking flow), or the wrong color choices in statement pieces like sofas, beds, etc.

Credit: Shana Bianchi


CC: How do you like to incorporate home accents in your design projects?

SB: I’m obsessed with home accents. To me, a project is not complete until it’s styled, because one could style the exact same room 5 different ways depending on the colors, accents, books, pillows, throws, etc. Accents are key to make a space feel lived in, comfortable, and that homey feeling and all know and love.

Credit: Shana Bianchi


CC: What types of home accents do you find to be most transformational to a room?

SB: Lighting, both pendants and sconces can absolutely transform a space. Also, art, rugs, and pillows are what can really bring a room to the next level, giving the eye different places to go, often making a space feel even bigger!


CC:  What are your favorite Cailíní Coastal finds and how would you style them?

SB: Hard to narrow down because I honestly am so in love with everything on the site, but if I HAD to choose, my tops today would be:


The Jasmine Quilt is perfect for a guest bedroom in my book. Because the quilt is patterned, I think it’s important to juxtapose with solids. For this, I would pair it with a gorgeous, crisp white linen duvet, and fold the quilt along the foot of the bed. I’d then bring in an odd number decorative patterned pillows in different prints, but similar shades at the head of the bed, topped with a long lumbar. This way, you’ll have a beautiful sense of color and pattern on the bed, without it feeling too pattern heavy or overwhelming.


Credit: Cailíní Coastal



The Narragansett Sconce is amazing, I can picture it in two different scenarios: First, in a dining room, on either side of a large, statement art piece, or bookending a hutch. The second in multiples, all the way down a long hallway, and evenly spaced.



Credit: Cailíní Coastal



I am OBSESSED with the Painted Floral Garden Stool. The subtle brushstrokes and muted palette is everything. This would look gorgeous with a twin counterpart in an outdoor living room/sunroom — or in a sweet nursery as the side table catch-all next to the quintessential nursing accent chair. Adore beyond. Chic, chic, chic!


Credit: Cailíní Coastal


For more information on Sloane & Studio Interiors visit and follow @sloane-and-studio on Instagram. 

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