Dive Into This New Read: COASTAL By Gray Malin

I am so exciting to be able to feature my uber talented friend, Gray Malin, and share a deep dive into his latest book, COASTAL.
Gray really needs no introduction, so I will keep this short and sweet.  Gray is a renowned fine art photographer and New York Times best selling author, among many others things.  In his career he has partnered with iconic brands like Disney, Veuve Clicquot, and Four Seasons, to name a few.
The release of COASTAL marks Gray's 4th book launch and we couldn't be more excited for this release.  This book focuses on the beaches around the United States - including many of our personal favorites!
Gray signed 10 copies of his new book for Cailíní Coastal customers.  Hurry, these limited edition signed copies, will not last long!


CC: Gray, it is such an honor to feature you on Cailíní Coastal and we are so thrilled to offer your latest book, COASTAL. Congrats!!  We love the coastal theme, naturally. Can you share more about what’s inside? 
GM: Thank you so much! It is such an exciting book – when I started my career, I was lucky enough to travel to all seven continents in one year to create my first coffee table book, BEACHES. Since then I have turned my lens on the United States and have dedicated the last eight years to capturing the most beloved regions of our country in a doorless helicopter. This book is my love letter to America, from coast to coast.
CC: I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you since the earlier part of your career and I have loved watching your success grow as you’ve built an international brand and become a household name. Can you share with our readers how you started your career as a photographer?
GM: Of course – I started selling my photography in a 10 x 10 booth at a Sunday market in Los Angeles that I often visited to find décor items for my home. Interacting one on one with the shoppers, I was able to build first-hand knowledge on what sort of artwork people were looking to purchase that could fit into their home and lifestyle.
Bixby Bridge, Big Sur
CC: Your career has allowed you to travel the world and see the most incredible beaches. What are your 3 favorite coastal destinations (worldwide) to visit and why?
GM: Humm that is tricky! I think I would say Capri, because of the unforgettable boat rides on the vibrant blue waters, and the delicious food and drinks, as well as Lake Michigan, because of all my summer memories growing up there and now, spending summers there with our kids, and lastly Sydney because of the Australian lifestyle, and breathtaking beaches.
Torch Lake Sandbar, Michigan
CC: COASTAL focuses on the beaches of the United States. Which was your favorite destination to shoot and why?
GM: There are so many special places featured in this book that I love, however I would say that after growing up spending my summers on Lake Michigan I have a lifelong connection to the Midwest. The stunning teal water of the Great Lakes and the sweeping sand dunes are this area’s best kept secret.
CC: Your beautiful homes in Los Angeles and on Lake Michigan are heavily influenced by coastal style. Any tips for our readers who want to create a coastal atmosphere at home?
GM: I think adding textures to walls, and finding a common theme with a signature accent color goes a long way in achieving a coastal aeshetic. We added grasscloth to some of our walls and ceilings, as well as painted our doors on the exterior and interior of our home the sale signature blue color, and I love the feeling it brought to our home.
CC: What do you love most about the coastal lifestyle and why are you so drawn to it?
GM: I love the coastal lifestyle because to me it means a beachy summer mindset year around which ties in directly with my brand motto to make everyday a getaway. When I think of vacations by the beach spent with family and friends I think of summer, which is my favorite summer. I love this book, because I know it will bring endless sunshine to your home and coffee table!

CC: Anything else you want us to share or promote with our readers?

GM: I hope you all are able to add my latest book COASTAL to your coffee table collection – it is sure to be a conversation starter, and bring the warm feeling of summer to your home year-round. Enjoy! XX, Gray


Gray curated some of his favorite CC pieces to help you achieve that dreamy coastal look in your own home!  

"We love adding chinoiserie accents like this Magnolia Pheasant Temple Jar to our home. I have always loved the elevated look these blue and white jars add to any room."
"I also love bamboo accents, which we have incorporated in both of our homes – we have plates similar to these Bamboo Melamine Plates, and they are such versatile cute plates."
"With summer right around the corner, I have been looking for the perfect beach chair to soak up the sun in, and crack open a good book like this Navy Striped Folding Beach Chair that has the perfect retro vibe to it."
"This Azores Natural Table Lamp is the perfect coastal accent and would look so cute in a pair on either side of a bed, or on a dresser, we have something similar in our home and we love it!"
"Last but not least, I love these French Blue Classic Stripe Linen Pillows, because not only do I love anything linen this summer, but the colors and the versatility of these being indoor/outdoor pillows is such a selling point for me!"
For more information on Gray Malin and to shop his incredible art and products, visit GrayMalin.com and follow @GrayMalin

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