Fall Entertaining With Sterling Social

We are so excited to share this gorgeous fall tablescape created by the very talented team at Sterling Social.   We partner with our friends at Sterling Social every couple of months to give our favorite entertaining pieces new life and they never cease to amaze us!

We asked them to create a fall tablescape that incorporated the blue and natural tones we love using year round.  They blended this with classic fall colors to create the dreamiest spread that I am anxious to recreate for Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Read on load of inspiration photos and to learn more about how to replicate this beautiful look at home!

xo Meg


Credit: Molly Rose Photography


CC: What was the inspiration for this look?

SS: We wanted to create a moody feel for this seasonal fall tablescape. Of course we wanted to incorporate Cailíní Coastal's signature blue,  and we focused on the deeper and richer tones of the blue for this look.  We loved the contrast of bringing in the muted colors of fall colors - like the rust, oranges, and persimmon - it has a beautiful contrast to the blue and they also compliment each other nicely. 

Credit: Molly Rose Photo


CC: What are the key pieces to creating a similar look at home?

SS: We loved using your Water Mill Rattan pieces.  These are great staples to be used year round, but they helped pull out that natural earthy tone for this tablescape.  Set your table on a nice wood or teak table outside.  It's offers a natural and casual setting.  Then add in pops of blue to help bring the look to life!

Credit: Molly Rose Photo


CC: Let's talk about going linen-less on the table!  What are your tips for making a table feel fully dressed without using a tablecloth or runner?

SS:  You don't want your table to fall flat and the simplest way to avoid that is by adding layers of textures, which will add dimension and depth to the table.  Layer your place settings. Use a placemat, dinner plate and salad plate preset, even if people remove them to course out, you can still set it that way.  Bring in candlesticks and hurricanes to add height.  For florals opt for loose, more wild centerpieces.  Have one larger centerpiece and use smaller vases (we used the Ravello and Praiano Vases) to fill the table.

Also, don't be afraid to use different colors.  Oftentimes people think one tone and one texture, but have a little fun with it! 

Credit: Molly Rose Photo


CC: Another thing we love about this look is that it feels elegant and sophisticated but also casual.  How do you achieve this perfect balance?

SS: The outdoor setting and natural wood table help to create a more casual environment.  Bring some nicer pieces outside - like your fancier china or glassware - to make a wood table feel a little more special.  We incorporated the delicate Laguna Blue Everyday Glasses for a more formal accent. 

Credit: Molly Rose Photo


For more information on Sterling Social Events + Experiences visit their website  www.sterlingsocial.com and follow @sterling_social on Instagram.  

We also want to give a special thanks to our friends at Sweet Laurel Bakery for the beautiful (and delicious!) Olive Oil Cake they created for us.  To make similar gluten, grain and refined sugar-free treats, check out our Sweet Laurel Cookbooks.  

Credit: Molly Rose Photo

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