Ginger Jar vs. Temple Jar: What's the Difference?

Credit: Darina Todorova

Ever find yourself admiring a beautiful, ornate blue & white jar, wondering whether it's a ginger jar or a temple jar? You're not alone! These two classic pieces often get mixed up, but we're here to set the record straight so you know how to tell the difference.

Credit: Molly Rose Photography

Ginger Jars:
These stunning jars started their life as storage for spices but have since become beloved decorative pieces. With their distinct rounded shape, flat lids, and sometimes vibrant blue and white designs, ginger jars add a pop of history and style to any surface. They're perfect for a bouquet of flowers or standing proudly on their own.

Credit: Molly Rose Photography

Temple Jars:
A bit taller and with a pointed lid, temple jars were traditionally used in temples (hence the name) for sacred offerings. Their designs can be a bit more elaborate, telling stories through intricate patterns. A temple jar makes a serene statement, elevating the tranquility of any space.
The mix-up is understandable—they both share a rich history and an undeniable charm. The key differences? It's all in the shape, the lid, and the backstory. Whether used for spices or spiritual offerings, both jars now serve a new purpose: bringing elegance and a dash of intrigue to homes.

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