Guest Room Makeover with Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes

There's nothing quite like seeing our CC pieces find their place in our customers' spaces, each one adding its own special touch. We couldn't be more thrilled to share our collaboration with Julia Dzafic from Lemon Stripes as she gives her guest bedroom a coastal makeover.  Read on to uncover the magic behind this Nantucket-inspired transformation and explore the gorgeous Cailíní Coastal pieces that brought it all together. Let's dive in together!
xo Meg
CC: Were you inspired by any locations when you dreamed up the room design?
JD: I wanted this room to feel like a gorgeous hotel room on Nantucket. Simple. Chic. Clean.
 CC: What were some of the biggest design challenges when thinking about updating your guest room?
JD: It is a very very small space so I didn't have a lot to work with. It fits a queen-sized bed, two tiny night stands and a small dresser. I wanted to make it feel bigger than it is so I used a lot of white and light colors, and no loud patterns.
Credit: Julia Dags
 CC: We know good design takes time! What was your timeline for this project, and how long did it take?
JD: I had no rush so I took my time with this one. It was probably about 5 months start to finish.
 CC: Did you work with a designer or design the space yourself?
JD: I did it myself and am so proud of how it turned out! My designer helped with the window treatments, however, because I had no idea how to source the ribbon or have it made. 
Credit: Julia Dags
CC: Our Fiji Bed is one of our best-selling furniture pieces! Tell us a bit about what drew you to that style.
JD: It's equal parts beachy and comfortable which is my dream. I love how solid it is too. It looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is.
Credit: Julia Dags
 CC: We all know bedding is key to a good night’s sleep. What did you look for when selecting bedding for this room?
JD: I knew I wanted crisp white hotel-like bedding so just kept it simple with that. Because the bedding was so simple, I felt that a few statement throw pillows would really elevate the bed. I love how it all turned out. 
CC: Given the small size of the room, we know brightening up the space was a big priority for you! Can you share what you prioritized to make the space feel light, bright, and airy?
JD: First up, the rug. I wanted something light and clean that wouldn't draw your eye down to the ground. I also added possibly my favorite piece in the room, the round ball mirror, above the dresser, to bounce the light from the window.
Credit: Julia Dags
 CC: What’s something you’ve noticed when you were a guest in someone else's home that you wanted to incorporate into your guest room? 
JD: This might be silly, but wall hooks. I love having a place to hang my purse or robe or cardigan so I added wall hooks which might not be the cutest part of the room but they're functional. I also have phone chargers in each nightstand and plug them in before guests come so that is one less step that they have to do to settle in.
CC: What’s your biggest tip to share with readers when it comes to making guests feel comfortable in your home? 
JD: Take away any fussiness or preciousness. You can have a beautifully designed home but if people don't feel comfortable sitting on your couch because they're worried about ruining it, what's the point?
Credit: Julia Dags

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