How to Identify High Quality Faux Florals

It’s taken us years, but we’ve finally cracked the code on faux florals! Trust us, if you’re hesitant when it comes to fake flowers, we were too! There are so many cheap, mass produced faux florals on the market that is makes you think, there aren't any options that compare to real florals, right? Wrong!  After searching for over 3 years, we’ve finally found the most realistic faux florals and we’re here to share everything we’ve learned about identifying the highest quality faux florals available.  
Credit: Darina Todorova

Before you jump into purchasing faux florals, here are a few things to look out for to make sure you’ll have years of joy from these seasonless styles.

1. Look for a Natural Palette:
When it comes to faux florals, colors speak volumes. Seek
out blooms that mirror nature’s vast palette, with subtle color variations and realistic
hues. Remember, if it’s too vibrant to be found in a garden, it’s probably not your best option.
Credit: Darina Todorova

2. Beyond the Visual:
Touch is just as critical as sight with it comes to faux pieces. We’ve
all touched an arrangement only to be met with crunchy plastic petal or leaves. Avoid the crinkly, plastic feel of poor quality and look for pieces labeled “real touch.” This means they are created to not only look the part, but pass the touch test too.
Credit: Darina Todorova
Credit: Jen Hochstadt

3. The Beauty of Variation:
When was the last time you picked up a perfect natural stem
from a farmers’ market or florist? Probably never! Nature is perfectly imperfect. All of the stems and flower in the world are unique and one of a kind, and your faux florals should be too! High-quality faux florals mimic the diversity of nature – no two leaves or petals are identical. Not only does this make your pieces beautiful, but it makes it even more lifelike when it’s styled in your home!
Credit: Darina Todorova

At Cailíní Coastal we pride ourselves in only delivering the best quality, and our faux florals are no exception. If you follow our tips and shop our collection of faux stems and arrangements, you’re sure to enjoy these pieces for many years to come.

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