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We're thrilled to showcase this stunning home of our friend, Amanda Gluck, of Fashionable Hostess Amanda transformed her North Carolina lakefront house, blending the essence of lakeside tranquility with her unique style. Join us for a detailed Q&A, where Amanda shares her design journey, from cozy living spaces to serene patios, infusing the charm of lake life into every corner. Let's dive in together!
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CC: Tell us about your lake house and how you landed on the location.
FH: For as long as I can remember, my husband told me that some of his favorite childhood memories were from the lake. So the desire for a lake house came from the dream of one day having a lake house of our own to recreate those memories with our own kids. Ultimately we decided on Lake Norman in North Carolina because 1. it was just a 45 minute drive from Charlotte, so easily accessible, 2. it was within a community that was safe and incredibly family-friendly, and 3. because I fell in love with the potential of the house we bought.
(Credit: Fashionable Hostess) 
CC: How did you know this was the perfect home? What made it stand out to you?
FH: I LOVE a project, so a brand new home has no appeal to me. I was on the hunt for something with great bones and lots of potential, and the second I saw this house I knew it was the one. It had tall ceilings, lots of natural light, and best of all, it was on the lake. I knew that with a great paint job, LOTS of wallpaper, sanded floors and fresh lighting, the space would be completely transformed.
(Credit: Fashionable Hostess) 
CC: What are some of your favorite features inside the home?
FH: I love that when you walk into the lake house, you enter to a big family room with french doors facing the lake. You immediately feel calm and surrounded by nature. The blues of the lake were my biggest inspiration and became a key color when coming up with the design aesthetic I wanted.

CC: We love how everything has come together. Have you done any renovations?
FH: My biggest transformation was sanding the wooden floors from a dark orange to a very light white oak. I love light floors because they make spaces feel bigger and cleaner.
(Credit: Fashionable Hostess) 
CC: Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the styling and designs. What was your hope for the style of this home? How did you want it to be different from your family home?
FH: When I envisioned my dream Lake House, I envisioned a coastal bed and breakfast that was warm and inviting. The color palette would be soft blues and crisp whites with nautical elements mixed throughout. And I wanted LOTS AND LOTS of wallpaper!
(Credit: Fashionable Hostess) 
CC: We know we're biased, but we love where you chose to use wallpaper in the home. Tell us what drew you to the Riley and Monstera Palm wallpaper styles.
FH: I am in love with the Riley wallpaper in the kitchen / hearth room. It is a beautiful pattern that isn't too dramatic even when done in larger spaces. Also it is the perfect shade of blue. Then the Monstera Palm was perfect in my favorite bedroom. I wanted the room to feel like an oasis, and the palm frawn made that vision come to life! Every guest that enters that room, immediately smiles when they open the door. It's without a doubt, the favorite bedroom in the house.
(Credit: Fashionable Hostess) 
CC: You also have one of our favorite coffee tables in your family room! What drew you to the Palmetto coffee table?
FH: The Palmetto Coffee Table is just perfection. I love the grasscloth material, making it much dressier and more elegant than other traditional coffee tables, but also keeping with the coastal vibe. I also love the size. It is large enough to display many coffee table books, pictures, flowers and more.
CC: What are your favorite places to find inspiration for your home?
FH: Pinterest!! I use pinterest for every project I have. Whether it's a house renovation or a party I find my best inspiration on Pinterest and have a board for just about everything. Once I find a photo I like, I try to analyze what is appealing about it. Is it the wallpaper, the bedding, or the rug texture. And from there I make my lists of what I need to buy to re-create the look.
(Credit: Fashionable Hostess) 
CC: Anything else you'd like to share about the property?
FH: Thank you SO much to Cailini Coastal for helping me bring me dream home to life. With so many beautiful pieces to choose from and being perfectly aligned in our aesthetics, it was a joy to partner together to make my lake house dreamier than I could have imagined.

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