Meet The Artist: Kelsey Chapman

Did you know that all of the art we sell on Cailíní Coastal comes from female artists? I believe in supporting and collaborating with other female business owners, and so it was important to me to have a category that exclusively highlighted women in business…in this case, art!  We want to share more about the talented and inspiring women behind the art you love, so we’re introducing a new series called “Meet the Artist.”  In this series, we’ll introduce you to each of our artists, sharing their story and highlighting their unique work.  

It seemed only appropriate to kick off this series with the first artist (actually, the first vendor…truly, vendor #1) I had confirmed to sell on Cailíní Coastal.  Meet my good friend and talented photographer, Kelsey Chapman.

Credit: Kelsey Chapman


 Kelsey and I met 4 years ago, while we were both working in-house for a luxury skincare brand in Los Angeles.  I was heading up the brand’s PR department and she was overseeing the brand’s social media.  We both had these side hobbies we were passionate about (hers being photography, and mine, interior design).  It's fun to work together again now, as we're both pursuing those passions! 

Kelsey has a knack for photographing the magical, peaceful moments at the beach and of beautiful sunsets glistening on the coast.  Her pieces will truly transport you. When I decided to launch Cailíní Coastal, it was a no brainer that I wanted to sell Kelsey’s work! 

Like me, Kelsey is an East Coast girl living in SoCal.  While her photography is primarily of the California coast, we are excited to introduce her first East Coast prints with these two beautiful pieces from Nantucket

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Credit: Kelsey Chapman


Read below for my interview with Kelsey and don't forget to redeem the limited time code for 20% off her prints. I can’t wait to see which print(s) you choose!
xo Meg


CC: Since we have a personal history, I know this is a second life career for you. Tell us about your background and how you got your start as a photographer.  

KC: I grew up on the east coast and always loved being outdoors and in nature. I spent my summers in the countryside of the Berkshires and always had a strong connection to the beauty of it. I moved out to Southern California for college and around the same time my sistehad started her lifestyle blog and website. I helped her take photos whenever I could and so it became more of a hobby. In my free time, I began exploring more of the California coast and fell in love with it! I was constantly shooting photos at my favorite beaches in Malibu, Big Sur and Santa Barbara. I started sharing the photos to my Instagram, which led to people asking if they could buy prints. And here we are! I have never had any formal photography training; I’ve just taught myself over the years so I feel very lucky that I have been able to pursue and grow my print business.  

Credit: Kelsey Chapman


CC: How are your prints made? 

KC: All prints are made-to-order and produced via one of my printing partners, then shipped directly to you!


CC: What type of paper do you use?

KC: All prints are made on Hahnemuele Photo Rag paper which is a heavy, bright white paper with a smooth, matte surface.  Prints come full bleed with no white borders.


CC: What inspires your work? 

KC: For me, everything revolves around the sun and playing with natural light. I want my photography to communicate a feeling of warmth that’s an established part of my aesthetic, so figuring out how I can capture nature in these perfect moments is what inspires all of my work.


Credit: Kelsey Chapman


CC: You have the best California coastal photography. How to you go about scouting locations to shoot? Do you plan ahead or sometimes spontaneously photograph? 

KC: First, thank you! A little bit of bothI am always looking for new places to shoot, whether that be hidden spots in Malibu or somewhere completely new, but prefer not to overly plan anything in general. I’d rather see what I find and see where the day takes me.


CC: Top three favorite photographs and why?  


This is my all-time favorite – it’s the photo that started it all and made me want to sell prints. I took that photo a few years ago when there were fires going on in Santa Barbara. You can see a kind of glowing effect from the fires that translates into the color of the ocean and the sky. I’ve just always felt there’s something special about that photo. 


Credit: Kelsey Chapman 



There is something so peaceful about this one. I took this in Manhattan Beach just after sunrise and I was so surprised to see this man effortlessly swimming through the waves by himself. It was just this perfect moment that I am so glad I was able to capture.  


Credit: Kelsey Chapman



I love the unique way that this print shows Manhattan Beach. I was shooting from the pier when I saw this family of surfers hanging out in the shallow part of the waves, making their way out into the ocean. As I was photographing the scene I noticed the man walking along the sand behind them with this perfect color-blocked surfboard. I love the combination of the board, the group of surfers and the lifeguard tower all being gently illuminated by the sunrise. 


Credit: Kelsey Chapman


CC: How do you recommend people style your art?  Do you like a larger statement piece, photo wall, both? 

KC: It always depends on the space but I love a larger statement piece if you have the room for it. On the other hand, a gallery wall is a great way for someone to show off their personal style and creativity. I love seeing a blend of images and artwork that still feels cohesive!  


CC: What are your favorite frames for your art? 

KC: I love a simple white or natural wood frame. Since many of my prints have a more muted wash of color to them, a light natural wood with a thin frame looks clean and compliments the photos well.  Framebridge has some really nice, affordable but quality collections and the convenience of their framing cant be beat!


For more information on Kelsey Chapman and her gorgeous photography, follow @kcprintshop on Instagram.

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    Kelsey has such a great eye. Her shots are clean and beautiful. Loved this post!

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