Meet The Artist : Laurie Duncan

Meet the talented Laurie Duncan - the newest member to join Cailíní Coastal's exclusive roster of female artists.  When it comes to selecting our CC artists, we look for originality and also that special something that we can't quite put our finger on.  It's just like that phrase,"when you know, you know" and when I discovered Laurie's work on Instagram, I knew she had to become a Cailíní Coastal artist. 
Credit: Laurie Duncan
Laurie's work is transportive.  Her art always takes me to a tropical beach, where the colors are bright, the vibes are happy, and the palm trees are swaying.  Her work is playful and preppy and offers those "feel good" summer vacation vibes that I want to hold onto all year long.  Capture that spirit with this fun and beautiful collection designed exclusively for Cailíní Coastal, and appropriately named "From Summer, With Love."
Read on to learn more about Laurie and preview these exciting one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Credit: Laurie Duncan


CC: Where are you based?

LD: I currently live and work in sunny Hollywood Beach, south Florida. However, I was born and raised a stone's throw away from London, so my British accent often comes as a surprise to people!


 CC: Tell us about your background and how you got your start as an artist.

LD: earned my Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design in England, which led me to a career designing forAbercrombie & Fitch and Hollister here in the US. During my time as a designer I often painted in my free time to satisfy my creativity needs outside of the corporate world. I loved painting commissioned pieces and quickly realized that being an artist was making me truly happy. Creating special art for collectors to enjoy in their homes was such a great feeling, that I slowly transitioned into becoming a full-time artist!


Credit: Laurie Duncan


CC: In what style do you paint/how would you describe your style?

LD: My love of detail and coastal subjects has me drawn to fluid watercolors and ocean-inspired color palettes. I recently heard the term ‘refined coastal’ and think this sums up my work perfectly! 


Credit: Laurie Duncan


 CC: What inspires your work?

LD: Living by the coast, I am constantly finding inspiration around every corner! I can’t tell you how many photos I take on a walk or bike ride alone! Whether it’s a happy row of colorful beach umbrellas, or a beautiful palm-lined street…there is so much to be inspired by living in south Florida. There is something so special about painting art that reminds someone of a vacation or special summer memory with their family. 


 CC: How does living in Florida influence your style?

LD: My painting style is heavily influenced by living in south Florida. I really do paint my surroundings and feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful location. I often visit Palm Beach to soak up the pastel color palettes and rich green botanicals of the beautiful gardens. The architecture and Florida antique stores heavily influence my approach to painting. I love to style my own home with a mix of coastal pieces, both vintage and new and love being inspired by this in my paintings as well. Creating timeless art is very important to me...something which you can treasure and pass down to future generations.

Credit: Laurie Duncan


 CC: If you had to pick, what’s your favorite piece?

LD: I have a real soft spot for beach umbrellas in general, so it would probably have to be ‘Leave Your Worries By The Shoreline’! You really can’t beat a blue and white stripe, it truly captures the essence of the coast.  

Credit: Laurie Duncan 


 CC: We call this series “Endless Summer” can you tell us more about this exclusive collection and what makes it special?

LD: As a child, I grew up spending summers by the English coast with my wonderful parents and brothers. I hold these happy memories of playing under the beach umbrellas and splashing around in the water so dearly. I wanted to create art that reminds people of a special vacation or summer memory, something that sparks a feeling of warmth and joy.


Credit: Laurie Duncan


 CC: We’re excited to share two of your life preservers in addition to the original paintings. Tell us about these unique pieces.

LD:  I've always had an affinity with marine objects and coastal collectibles, whether it be faded pastel buoys or vintage life-jackets. They hold many tales of the sea and can remind people of so many adventures and vacations! I decided to experiment with painting directly onto real life preserver rings and absolutely loved the final results! They are such unique conversation pieces to display in your home, pool house or even boat! 


Credit: Laurie Duncan


CC: When you’re not painting what can we find you doing?

LD: I am most likely to be relaxing with my sweet family at the dog beach, or on the boat! Although my sketchbook is often still close at hand! 

Credit: Laurie Duncan


Shop Laurie Duncan's 14-piece From Summer, With Love Collection exclusively at Cailíní Coastal.



For more about Laurie Duncan, visit and @LaurieDuncanArt.

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