Meet the Artist: Nikki Storer

We are thrilled to introduce you to the talented Nikki Storer, and we're so honored to have her join our roster of CC artists!  We're very selective when it comes to adding new original artists, and when I first saw Nikki's work I knew we had to bring her into the fold.  Her stunning seascapes will truly transport you to the coast.  They're realistic and abstract at the same time - making them versatile enough to work in any space from a modern to a traditional coastal home. 
Credit: Nikki Storer
  Nikki created a 16-piece collection exclusively for Cailíní Coastal entitled "Breaking Waves."  This beautiful collection is comprised of 8 original paintings and 8 gilded framed prints.  She shares our love for the coast and the serenity and joy that comes from being near it.  Capture that feeling and bring it into your home with this gorgeous Collection. 
Read on to learn more about Nikki and preview these exciting one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Credit: Nikki Storer


CC: Where are you based?

NS: I’m based on the South Shore of Boston, not far from where I grew up.  I’ve always been drawn to the ocean and, though I lived away from the water for many years, I couldn’t wait to be back by the shore.  Being by the ocean just feels like home and I can’t ever imagine moving away from it again.


 CC: Tell us about your background and how you got your start as an artist.

NS: As a child, it was always my dream to be an artist. After taking all the art classes that my high school offered and completing an internship in graphic design, I decided to go to school for art. 

My parents urged me to find a career that would guarantee a good job so I changed my major but never stopped creating.  I had a small box of paints that would move with me wherever I went and, when I had time, I would paint.

I grew up on the water in a small New England town and always loved the beach.  Eight years ago, my family and I moved back to the coast.  I would take long runs by the water and feel so inspired to paint.

I started taking classes here and there, and when the world shut down in 2020, I dove right in.  I painted almost every day and after years of painting with acrylics, I took a deep dive into oils and never looked back.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing like blending an ocean scene with oil paints.  The slow drying time allowed me to work on a piece for days while still being able to go in and seamlessly blend a new color.  This was a gift, especially with small children running around!  

Credit: Nikki Storer


CC: In what style do you paint/how would you describe your style?

NS: I would describe my style as abstract realism.  I love the realistic details of a wave or beach and the smoothness of the ocean, but I find so much freedom in creating an abstract sky, or shoreline.  Because I paint with oils, I thin my paints to blend the ocean colors together.  I love laying on thick textural sea foam and clouds.  I find the contrast to be really beautiful.


Credit: Nikki Storer


 CC: What inspires your work?

NS: I’m inspired by nature and, in particular, the ocean and sky -- It’s beautiful ever-changing colors and reflections as well as the unique look of each ocean curl and cloud.

Whether I’m walking on the beach looking for treasures with my girls, or sitting with friends enjoying a glass of wine, I’m constantly in awe of its beauty.  I never stop taking photos and videos to reference later while painting.


 CC: Can you share more about these original pieces? 

NS: Each piece is unique, inspired by my wave photography and imagination.  I reference photos to study each breaking wave, and then I create a sky that complements it.  Some pieces only take me a couple of hours while others are a work in progress over many days.  I stop once I am happy with the piece but it’s anyone’s guess when that will be.  In this collection, "Breaking Waves" I explore abstract realism to create dream like skies and oceans while still capturing the intricate details of a wave as it's breaking.  The focal point of each piece is the barrel of the wave and its deep color in juxtaposition to its surroundings.

Credit: Nikki Storer


 CC: In addition to your beautiful original pieces, we have a collection of framed prints (that look like originals!).  Can you tell us about these prints and what makes them so special?

NS: First off, I absolutely love how the gold framed prints complement the originals in this collection.  It was so much fun putting our heads together on this collection.  I’m very picky when it comes to my prints.  They are professionally printed on the highest quality materials; giclee on stretched chromata canvas with a matte finish.  Each one is framed in a hand gilded, lightly distressed gold leaf wood frame.  The gold makes the blues and greens pop and gives a rich presentation to the prints. 

Credit: Nikki Storer


 CC: If you had to pick, what’s your favorite piece from this collection?

NS: My favorite piece in the collection is “Deep Curl”.  I love how the barrel of the wave is so dark you almost get lost in it and the light teal sky blends to a pretty blue.


Credit: Nikki Storer


 CC: When you’re not painting what can we find you doing?

NS: When I’m not painting or building my business, I’m with my family and friends.  I have three girls ages 7, 9 and 11 and they’re busy!  Whether we are traveling for sports or dance, at the beach or on our boat, traveling, or skiing, we are always on the go.  I also love pilates, running, spinning and tennis and I try to be active every day.


Credit: Nikki Storer


CC: Clearly, you’re a lover of the sea!  What’s your favorite beach to visit?

NS: That’s a tough one.  I love so many and for different reasons.  That said, if I had to choose just one, I’d say Barney’s Joy in my hometown of Dartmouth, MA.  It is private, breathtakingly beautiful and largely untouched.  It has giant sweeping dunes and a creek that leads right out to the ocean.  It’s my favorite place to take photos, ride the waves and bask in the sun.

Credit: Nikki Storer 

Shop Nikki Storers 16-piece Breaking Waves Collection exclusively at Cailíní Coastal.


 For more about Nikki Storer, visit and @Nikki.Storer.Art.

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