Meet the Artist: Zofia Crosby from Seaworthy Nantucket

We’re so excited to introduce our newest artist, Zofia Crosby of Seaworthy Nantucket.  Zofia and her husband Mark, residents of Nantucket, started Seaworthy Nantucket in 2020 as a pivot when their wedding and portrait business slowed down during the pandemic. With events being canceled, they finally had time to photograph new work and whittle down over two decades of Nantucket focused photography for customers to bring straight to their home. 


Through their images, Zofia and Mark capture the history of Nantucket, its charming architecture, rich landscapes, seafaring lifestyle, and natural pastel hues.  To celebrate summer and one of our favorites coastal destinations in the world, we’re thrilled to launch a curated collection of 12 prints from Seaworthy Nantucket that you can only find at Cailíní Coastal. 

A kindred philanthropic spirit, Zofia uses her business to give back to several charities that she's most passion about.  Read below to learn more about Zofia and preview a few of her favorite prints.  


Credit: Seaworthy Nantucket
CC: Where are you Based? 
ZC: Nantucket, Massachusetts, a little island off the coast of Cape Cod. 
CC: Tell us about your background and how you got your start as a photographer and began Seaworthy Nantucket. 
ZC: I started my photography business while still in college, at 18 years old. For the next 9 years, I moved from ski town to ski town photographing that lifestyle. I finally landed on Nantucket full time in 2005. Since then, I have built my wedding and portrait business up and expanded it with associates, including my husband, Mark, who’s also now my business partner. Seaworthy Nantucket started as a 2020 pivot when most of our event season was canceled. We finally had time to photograph new work, sift through, categorize and whittle down over two decades of landscape photography for a website that we had always talked about building. It happened to be just the right time as people were staying in and redecorating, making their work from home spaces beautiful.
Credit: Seaworthy Nantucket
CC: What type of paper do you use for prints?
ZC: Our prints are created in a professional lab using fine art inkjet, or Giceleé printing with a variety of water-based inks to achieve a wide gamut of color and resistance to UV light. The paper is smooth matte and has a lovely, high end feel. 
CC: What inspires your work?
ZC: I'm always on the hunt for color and mood. An image only speaks to me if I feel like it will convey something to the viewer. A memory, a smell, a sound even.
Credit: Seaworthy Nantucket 
CC: You have the best east coast coastal photography. How to you go about scouting locations to shoot? Do you plan ahead or sometimes spontaneously photograph? 
ZC: Aw, thank you! 99% of the time, it’s very spontaneous. The other one percent, I’ll head out on a mission, whether that’s a killer sunset or when flowers are in peak bloom. Over the past few years, I’ve tried to find places I’ve never been before, which isn’t so easy on an island, but I’ve surprisingly discovered new locations that I’m now totally in love with.
CC: How do you recommend people style your photography? Do you like a larger statement piece, a small piece on a shelf or a collage? 
ZC: I love a mix! I tend to go 16x20 for a wall print, and anything smaller is great on a table, desk, or bookshelf. I love a large statement piece in a room, accented with smaller pieces in the same theme. I tend to use photography as the pop of color in a room.
Credit: Seaworthy Nantucket
CC: Can you tell us about some of the philanthropic work you do through your business? 
ZC: From the very beginning of my career, I have volunteered for charities that were near and dear to me, starting with the March of Dimes. I make it a point to donate or fundraise specifically for organizations that benefit health issues, and especially children. Each year, we photograph mini family sessions as a donation to our favorite hospital, which treated our youngest daughter who was born with a cleft lip, Shriner’s in Boston.
CC: When you're not shooting, what can we find you doing?
ZC: I stay busy raising my three daughters, but when I find the time, I love to snowboard, paddle board, and travel. Jut sitting on a beach all day with friends is where you'll most likely find me though. 
Credit: Seaworthy Nantucket
CC: What's your favorite thing about living on Nantucket? 
ZC: Nantucket has the most wonderful small town, year round community. the locals are really what make this place extra special.  Most everyone here works for or owns a small business, so we lift each other up. without the people, it's still just an absolutely beautiful, historic, and magical place. 
CC: Your favorite Frames for your art? 
ZC: A white mat and white frame, it's a clean, classic, and coastal look. 
Credit: Seaworthy Nantucket
CC: Any photo tips for us average joes shooting by the coast on our iPhones to capture that dreamy glow? 
ZC: Yes! 
1. Watch what's in the frame. Is it messy? Is too much going on? Simplify. Like Coco Chanel once said, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."
2. Straighten your horizon. 
3. Clean your lens! 
4. Up your exposure just a bit and do not shoot with HDR selected. 
5. Use the photos app to make small tweaks, or better yet, download the Lightroom app. Don't overdo it. 
CC: Top 3 favorite photographs we sell and why? 

 I can feel the warmth of the sun on the day that I shot this image. I have it hung really big in my house.



 The storm was crazy, the wind was whipping, and all the layers of the clouds, water and dunes just fell into perfect place. This one is our Samsung Frame TV art.


 This image will always remind me of the summer of 2020 when things were so very different and eerie, yet these flowers bloomed around the island bigger and better than ever before. It’s framed on my living room built ins.


Shop the full collection of beautiful Seaworthy Nantucket pieces on Cailíní Coastal and find more dreamy photos of Zofia's life on the island of Nantucket at @seaworthynantucket.


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