Our Top 5 Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Christmas Tree

Between October 1st and December 25th the question we get asked the most is "how do you get your Christmas trees to look like that?"  From styling ribbon to layering tree picks, here are our 5 tips to create a show stopping Christmas Tree. 
To create a truly beautiful tree, first begin with a theme that will guide your curation of products and make your tree look cohesive.  Your theme can be based on a destination (think Nantucket Nautical or Palm Beach Coastal), a color scheme, or even something more literal like a vintage-inspired or a nutcracker-themed tree full of plush ornaments.  
Once you have that theme you can begin building your collection of pieces.  If you're starting from scratch, take your time and invest in pieces you love each year to add something new. 
Ribbon is a must-have for creating a gorgeous tree and there is an art to hanging ribbon on a tree.  Our tip is to use the inner wired branches of a faux tree, or 2" of cut floral wire for a natural tree, to affix the ribbon to the tree. 
If you want to take your ribbon to the next level, layer it!  Pick two different ribbons that coordinate and layer one on top of the other.  Once the ribbon is on the tree you can fluff out the bottom layer so that both ribbons can be seen.  Layering ribbon will fill the tree more and add interest.  You can even incorporate a third ribbon as an accent, and use it to sprinkle in bows throughout.
Similar to ribbon, tree picks are essential to a stunning tree and layering them is another trick of the pros.  Simply snip your tree picks into smaller pieces and bundle them together to create mini arrangements.  Use the wirey stems to intertwine the picks or floral wire to tie them together.  Depending on how many branches you're able to snip, this will give you 2 - 3 times as many picks to place and will add loads dimension to your tree.  These arrangements can be placed throughout the tree including at the top of the tree - focusing on sparser areas.
Large scale ornaments (ie: ornaments 4" + in diameter) are essential.  These oversized ornaments are ideal for sparse areas or holes that every tree (both faux and natural) has.  Focus these larger ornaments on the inner branches and add smaller ornaments to the outer branches to create a fuller look. 
Similar to the decor in your home, every tree should include some bespoke pieces that are unique and special to you.  There are ornaments that help to fill a tree (these are the ones to buy in bulk) and then there are the special ornaments that are often one-of-kind.  Incorporate a mix of these special ornaments throughout your tree.  Whether heirloom family ornaments, one you discovered while traveling to a place you love, or simply a stunning hand-painted ornament you find at Cailíní Coastal - these pieces hold sentimental value and will make your tree feel personal and unique. 
Photography Credits: Darina Todorova and Molly Rose 

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