Seashell 101

To celebrate the launch of The Shell Collection, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite shell styles and what makes them special. From loose shells, to framed art and everything in between, we love adding shell décor to any (and every) space for a little touch of coastal charm.
Abalone shell, with its iridescent shimmer and captivating hues, like jade and pearl, brings a touch of natural elegance to any coastal-inspired decor. These stunning shells are often found along the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean, particularly in regions such as California, New Zealand, and Japan.
Capiz shell, renowned for its translucent beauty and delicate texture, graces an array of sophisticated home decor pieces, from lighting and mirrors to elegant boxes and beyond. Harvested from the serene coastal waters of the Philippines, Capiz shell infuses any space with a soft, luminous glow, elevating the charm of coastal-inspired interiors.

(Cone Shell Set)

Cone shell, celebrated for its mesmerizing patterns and natural allure, graces an array of exquisite home decor pieces. Sourced from the pristine, azure waters of the South Pacific, the cone shell brings refined sophistication to coastal-inspired interiors, enhancing their charm and elegance.

The Murex Ramosus shell, known for its oversized and dramatic form, makes a bold statement in any setting. With its intricate spines and captivating texture, this shell, introduces an element of raw, natural beauty to coastal-inspired interiors, serving as a stunning focal point that commands attention.
The Queen Conch shell, celebrated for its majestic size and rosy interior, is a symbol of coastal elegance and natural beauty. Harvested from the warm waters of the Caribbean, this iconic shell enhances home decor with its graceful curves and vibrant color, adding a touch of tropical sophistication to any space.
Sand dollars, with their delicate star patterns and smooth surfaces, are treasured finds in coastal decor. These unique shells, often discovered on the sandy shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, bring a touch of natural elegance and serenity to any space.
The Spiral Top shell, admired for its intricate spirals and vibrant colors, is a striking addition to any coastal decor collection. Found in the warm, shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea, this shell introduces a dynamic visual element to interiors, infusing spaces with a sense of natural beauty and artistic flair.
Starfish, with their iconic shape and textured surfaces, are captivating elements in coastal decor. Found in the tidal pools and coastal waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, these marine treasures bring a touch of oceanic wonder and natural charm to any interior.
Turbo shells, known for their lustrous sheen and intricate patterns, are exquisite additions to coastal decor. Available in various finishes, such as jade or pearl, these beautiful shells, sourced from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, infuse interiors with a touch of natural elegance and vibrant detail.




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