Springtime Refresh with Meg Leonard

Meet our friend, Meg Leonard, of Meg Leonard Design & Lifestyle Co.  Meg's design studio specializes in brand, digital and interior design for creative entrepreneurs, businesses & homeowners globally. 
A pro at seamlessly transiting her home from season to season with decor, we asked Meg to share her tips for transforming a space from winter to spring. Read on for Meg's tips and be sure to follow her at @MegLeonardCoDesign for more inspiration!
Xo Meg
Credit: Meg Leonard
CC: We love your content showcasing your beautiful home. How would you describe your home décor style? 

ML: It's taken me years of being a homeowner to come into my style, and I share that so others understand the time it takes and it is not as easy as we make it look online! I've really progressed into a collected, modern timeless with neutral muted tones. Everything meets at the intersection of aesthetics and function to be very intentional.
Credit: Meg Leonard

CC: Refreshing décor seasonally can feel overwhelming. How do you approach this in your own home?

ML: I am a huge advocate of little touches in high impact areas. Establish a system, if you will, of decor that is easily marked for seasonality. For example, utilizing a vase on an entryway console that you drop new stems into each season. It brings fresh life to a space that guests (and you) see immediately. Or, statement shelves that are a main focus. Not every room needs to be literal, subtle nods can keep a room intentional and free. This strategy is also helpful on the wallet!
Credit: Meg Leonard

CC: Do you lean into decorating for holidays like Easter, or do you prefer to keep your décor less thematic?

ML: I typically stray from kitsch or literal items (ex: easter egg garland) to keep to the refinement and everyday feel of our home. However, brands like Cailini provide the perfect way to include eggs in an elevated way. I had to catch my breath when I saw the rattan eggs in the collection!
Credit: Meg Leonard
CC: When it comes to Easter, do you like to set a full tablescape, or do you prefer to add small touches of holiday décor throughout the house?

ML: It is my goal to host Easter in the near future! It is the perfect holiday to get whimsical and a great kickoff to outdoor gathering. I would absolutely do a tablescape, and that is a place to include all of the symbolic decor!

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