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It's no secret that our Cailíní Coastal community is full of beach lovers!  Whether your go-to beach is a sandy one by the sea or a rocky shore lakeside, we're kicking off a new series that will feature your favorite coastal destinations...welcome to The Insider's Guide!  
We're kicking off The Insider's Guide off with a long-time friend of mine, the incredible Founder of Jouer Cosmetics, Christina Zilber.  Christina is a quintessential southern California girl and a resident of Malibu who offers an incredibly stylish guide to visiting and enjoying this beach city she calls home.
Her gorgeous Malibu bungalow (photos below!) sits right on the Pacific, and perfectly reflects California coastal with its relaxed, airy ambiance finished with soft, feminine touches.
Read on to get the scoop on this iconic beach city from insider Christina Zilber.
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Credit: Betsy Newman
How many years have you lived in Malibu?
I’ve lived in Malibu for 13 years, but my heart has been here since college when I attended and graduated from Pepperdine University. I fell in love with the sleepy beach town then and just kept coming back over the years.  
Credit: Betsy Newman
 What do you love most about living in Malibu?
I love that I can spend my days here without getting in the car. I can walk to get my coffee, to restaurants, to shopping and of course, walk on the beach which is the most special.
Tell us about the process of designing your beach house?
I bought my house fully furnished which was perfect at the time. I had young kids and I actually loved the Nantucket cottage style.  As my kids got a little older, I felt like it was the right time to make the house more my own which meant a lot more creams and whites, pale blues and pinks. I also love to mix modern with traditional so I decided to add in some modern lighting, natural driftwood tables and Moroccan inspired elements with the traditional coastal style.
Credit: Betsy Newman
Best place for a summer cocktail? 
For a cocktail I would head to the Little Beach House which sits right on the beach and always has a casual but chic vibe. Good music, stunning views and great people watching make it the perfect spot.
Go to wardrobe for a day and evening in Malibu?
Malibu is super casual so I’m usually in linen pants with a little blouse, a summer dress with a cardigan or jeans and sandals. I rarely if ever wear heels here, mostly because it’s a beach town and this is just home to me, and as I mentioned above, I’m pretty much walking everywhere so flats are a must. I always bring a sweater or wrap because Malibu at sunset is always frigid.
Credit: Christina Zilber
One thing you absolutely must see or do when visiting? 
Wow, how to narrow down? I think I would say the Malibu Pier for a fun stroll, and lunch or sunset meal at the iconic Malibu Farm is a must.
How would you describe Malibu style? 
Malibu style is relaxed and comfortable but beachy-chic. We like to mix styles so it’s not totally one style or another. Coastal meets boho would pretty much sum it up.
Credit: Christina Zilber 
Hidden gem of Malibu?
This is a super casual pick, but I’ve been eating falafels from Malibu Mutt since the 80’s! It’s the best little burger stand in the country mart and a Malibu staple. The Falafels are just so delicious…If you know you know!
Favorite Place to Shop?
Bash Paris for the cutest French dresses, jeans and sweaters.
Credit: Betsy Newman
If you have a friend coming to visit (who isn’t staying with you!) where would you tell them to stay?
For more on Christina's stylish life in Malibu and as the founder of Jouer Cosmetics, follow her on Instagram at @CZjouer.

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