Tips on Creating the Perfect Bed for Your Best Sleep Yet!

If you’re looking for better sleep in the new year, it may be time to refresh your bedding.  With so many choices, the task can feel overwhelming.  To streamline the process and give you all of the information you need, we asked Hilde Leiaghat, CEO and Creative Director at Pom Pom at Home, for tips on selecting the right bedding for your sleep style.
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CC: How often should you replace your bedding?
HL: There is no specific time frame on how often you should replace your bedding pieces. I have pieces in my home that I have had for years. It varies for each person based on constant wear and also how frequently you wash your textiles which is all a part of the natural wear process. 
However, I would recommend having at least two sets of sheets in your home. That way you can rotate your sheets when one is in the wash. Also, it helps to avoid constant wear on only one set. 
A few other reasons people change their bedding is time of year and change in decor or style. In summertime you probably would like lightweight inserts and fabrics while in winter, warmer, cozier ones tend to be the preference. As for decor, a change of style can determine whether you want to swap out pillows or/and duvets in a certain color palette or print/stripe design.
CC: Could you help us understand the difference between bedding materials? How can customers know which material suits their needs? 
HL: Linen - I love linen.  I grew up around linen my entire life.  Linen has a very relaxed look and gives you year-round comfort.  It is cooling in the summer and helps keep you warm in the winter time. You’ll see that many times linen sheets are often used in boutique hotels and adds to the home-away-from-home aesthetic.  
Bamboo - If you want super silky sheets with a cooling effect, bamboo is the way to go.  These are perfect for hot sleepers as well. They feel extra luxurious!
Cotton Percale - Cotton Percale are your classic and traditional sheets.  Many love the look and feel because it reminds them of a crisp white shirt. Hotels mostly use these sheets.
Cotton Sateen - Cotton Sateen sheets have a sheen to them and have a softer hand. Sateen feels more luxurious than percale. Again a hotel favorite.
CC: What are your tips for layering a bed during cooler months?
HL: When building your bed, have pieces that you can layer with but also take off or rotate easily as the weather gets warmer. For example, adding a heavier duvet insert in the winter. 
Personally, I sleep with a duvet cover year round. I have a spring weight down duvet insert throughout the year, but as it gets cooler in California I will change it to our All Season insert that is slightly heavier. As a European I am used to sleeping directly underneath the duvet without a top sheet but as it gets cooler I will sometimes add one in.
 If I still need extra warmth, I will add a coverlet and an oversized throw to my bed. I love oversized throws because they are great to rest your feet on if you are relaxing on the bed, plus it’s often a favorite place for your pet to rest! I know mine loves it and that way the cover stays clean!
CC: What makes a bed extra luxurious?  
HL: It is all about layers and texture! 
Using the finest materials for your bedding combined with high quality inserts makes a huge difference! And you will be able to feel it.  
It makes you feel comfortable and creates that luxurious feeling every time you go to sleep. For my bed, I love to add our big pillows and create an extra soft layer as a headboard. Depending on their design it can be fun and luxurious at the same time! Even the addition of a body pillow can be used at the end of the bed as a luxurious footrest!
CC: What is the anatomy of a perfect bed?  
HL: If you really want to make your bed very inviting with layers, 
For a Queen bed:
  • 2-3 Euros starting in the back, 
  • 2 Standard Shams in the front
  • A decorative pillow such as a 14”x24”
  • A duvet cover
  • A sheet set
  • A coverlet or matelasse
  • Finish with a regular or oversized throw
  • For a King Bed, similar concept as above but instead of 2-3 euros, do 2 big pillows on a king.  Our big pillows are perfect to bring height and interest to your bed. Very often we use a body pillow to keep it simple for those who don’t care for too many pillows.  
    CC: If you were designing a bed in each of the following cities, what Pom Pom products would you recommend?  
    Malibu or Cape Cod: 
    If I was in Malibu or Cape Cod, I would definitely lean into the Coastal look with navy blues, whites and lots of stripes.  
    I suggest starting with a set of white Bamboo Sheets as your base paired with the Portland Duvet Cover and shams. Then bringing in the La Concha big pillows as a backdrop. Add in a lightweight matelasse like our Wilmington Coverlet for texture, and bring in a nice cable knit such as our Cambria Oversized throw.  
    To ground the room you can use a rug! Our Calypso in Nordic Blue or the Lanikai Nordic blue ties in the room with its coastal stripes. 
    If you are in the Mountains, which for me is like being up at Lake Arrowhead, I would try to bring in a cozy cabin feel. 
    Start with a set of Linen sheets. I like linen in the cabin because it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. As a Duvet cover I would use the Port Washington because it brings in a heavy weight texture. I specifically love this collection because it is all hand loomed in an artisan way!
    To add texture or a cozy cabin vibe, I always use a velvet coverlet and the Camille Oversized Throw. 
    Classic White bed in any home:  
    Everyone loves a simple White bed. If all white bedding is your style, I would recommend starting with the Cotton Sateen Sheet Set paired with the Saugatuck Duvet Cover Collection. Add in the Holland White Coverlet and then the Large Euros for background texture. For a pop of color, end it with a Coastline Stripe Throw.

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